Tuesday, November 22, 2011


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words/iges Judith Ecochard

Salomon Spring 2012 footwear manifests the minimalist -faster-lighter credo of running shoes with new, colorful entries in the trail, light backpacking (day-weekend hikes), and all around shoes.

The thought patterns throughout-multi directional and natural motion-with just enough propulsion to release energy and protect on mountain terrain...dynamic cushioning for shock absorption-and ultimately recover faster...with  a host of proprietary technology:

Sensifit™-cradles the foot-for stabile, precise snug fit all around instep...
Quicklace™-easy on/off
Sensiflex™-controlled forefoot collapse-a stretch panel with a TPU overlay that supports natural foot expansion in the upper foot (smart!)-adopting to foot's needs when needed.
Contragrip® a mix between density. compound and geometry to optimize grip and durability for the specific terrain and activity...via different outsoles.

Synapse -protective and stable-with RX Motion Technology-multi-directional grip, Seamless Sensifit wraps the foot=great fit. $120

SYNAPSE-women's=A natural motion hiking shoe

XR SYNAPSE Mid-the first women's specific hiking shoe-with a women's last-asymmetric fit for more medial support

Synapse-"...run your hike" Men's

Synapse Men's $120 


Flex grooves-designed to increase flexibility-smooth transition from door to trail

More: XR Crossmax...Sensifit technology-Perfect Grip outsoles.

XR Crossmax Neutral-women's

XA PRO 3d Ultra 2 GTX women's-mountain runners-with Gore-Tex®

X-Tiana lightweight hikers


Active gals get a new running skirt-a lot lighter in weight than others on the market (a complaint we have)-with four way stretch.

XA SERIES TWINSKIRT $50-w/ Climauv™40+-Actilite™ Stretch Mesh, Actilite™Woven, zipped pocket, reflective branding

The Fastwing Jacket-5.3 oz of protection, fits into the above pouch that attaches to your arm for hand portability.

XA Windstopper-new colors

New for men-the Minim Insulating midlayer----$150-with Pertex Quantum® and Primaloft® 40g around the body and upper arms, stretch fleece in areas where you move

MINIM INSULATING MIDLAYER-works as a jacket in dry climes-XA FLOAT SHORT
The XA Float Short-$65-versatile-for hiking or running-with knit and woven materials=comfort, durable and stretch via 

w Climauv™50+-Actilite™ Stretch Mesh, Actilite™Woven

Thumb holes-ensure great fit...

XA Windstopper

Wayfarer Pants-with moisture wicking XA Zipped Tee $48-with mesh panels =improved breathability

Cool Max comfort in plaid

New colors for packs that strip away unnecessary straps and weight-for shorter hikes-great fit, zipped waist/side pockets, stretchy side compartments...easy access

Daypacks-SKY 25-anatomically shaped -Airvent contact system for comfort

nice-key latch

For bigger hauls...SKY30

toggle closures on shoulder strap-for one hand motion

XA SKIN PRO 10+3 SET-for long distance runners-side pockets for nutrition...one size fits all...withSensifit construction-so no abrasion or binding-like the kickers. A zippered expansion allows for small or large stuff...and a PVC bladder-with Plug n' Play connector.


Advanced-$180-comes with a bladder too-in an insulating sleeve..

Hydration pack

Sip on the go...