Friday, November 11, 2011

LEVI's XX MADE + CRAFTED Spring 2012


West 28th Street, NYC

words/images Judith Ecochard

A lot of American brands we preview at the fab Berlin Bread & Butter show---have licensed their monikers---and the lines of Euro-sleek over there---are completely different than what the label sells here. An example-Wrangler-which is rather a fancy collection overseas and in the USA is more of a value brand.
Made 7 Crafted trousers...lightweight in pale summery shades

Nice belts
We thought about that at the separate brand from the beloved Levi's Red Tab--- Made & Crafted by Levi's-media preview--as this collection was new to us---

Denim-we assume slim profiles

It it a design driven focused collection from Levi's XX an independent premium division---based out of Amsterdam-and a "creative entity by Levi Strauss & Co."

It also includes Levi's® Vintage Clothing---that makes amazing replicas of Levi's denim jeans ---stylish styles hailing from over the decades...including our fav from the 1930's!!!!

But we were not allowed to take pics of those ...

BUT-here are some cotton-y soft button downs, sturdy denim and truly what we think are the standouts from the collection- the yummy satchels.

Made in Italy and other Euro locales...and priced accordingly.

we loved this leather jacket-buttery soft