Wednesday, November 2, 2011


ALLEGRI Ready to roll...

Studio Babaldi, NYC

words/images Judith Ecochard

ALLEGRI-outerwear/lifestyle is a high-end label that as always had an international cast of regular customers-for years.

The very stylish and weather tough jackets, coats, trenches---are made from a proprietary inventory of 2000 luxurious fabrics (think water-proof silk and cashmere-in collab with Italian Loro Piana)...and boast the design details of a stylish pieces but fused with functionality---that make ALLEGRI clothes -keepers.

After celebrating its 40th Anniversary party in chic fashion at NYC Fashion Week last February---a highlight of that week, for most---

Allegri---got loads of positive press here across the Pond.

For the Spring 2012 collection ---that was previewed a few weeks ago...we saw so many terrific pieces---we jumped at the chance to attend the Lookbook shoot at Union Square's Studio Babaldi---under the helm of noted fashion photographer  Maurizio Bacci and the hard-working Creative gurus Bepe Savonni and Daniel Arias (The Promotion Factory).
Maurizio Bacci-at the MAC reviewing yesterday's photoshoot---(last name means "kiss" in English-and a very nice guy).


One of our fav -these featherweight-down jackets are actually made from white  durable fabric-the feathers are dyed---what gives the jackets their tone. Very cool.

Accessorized with scarves

Pictures at the studio---captivating images B/W

Ford Model Tasha gets glammed up---

Still life shot of a jacket---Bacci not scared of heights...everything has to be perfect---which is why it takes at least half hour to set up the lights, lay the garment just so...

getting the right light---includes stuff tissue paper  to bump up parts of the garment

Production Assistant- Abiezer Benitez -and Stylist, Arika Korrison

men's polo-pic-ed the day prior

men's looks shot the day prior-hundreds of images snapped away at rapid pace---for each look. "Sometimes the pose is right, but the face is off...or the smile is perfect but there's a slight shadow. It has to be perfect," Beppe clued us in.

The first women's ensemble---

Hair-Micehele Salvadori

Make-up Mizusu Miyake

no time for football (soccer)

fabric ruching/quilting

The first look ---in a long day---all told 10 ensembles-we figured each one took about 50 minutes-to an hour each

It was a snowy October---a good day to be shooting photography indoors

The second look gets a review---prep work done prior

Tasha-ready for her first poses

Of course---in Italian-the Italian loving George Clooney-on the cover of Vanity Fair---no time to read either...

Italian Vogue-so creative

Every few poses---gets something adjusted, added (like a belt) or subtracted...

Make-up gets re-touched throughout

Hair too


Everyone= a photographer

A little runway action too---video
And all gets Skyped back to Italy for final approval.
Spacious studio....calm too.

All present-including Studio Assistant Gianmarco Ciotti

Getting ready for the next look

We always take a peak at the make-up table...Clé de Peau Foundation and cover-up stick, Nars eye shadows.

Vichy Thermal Water Spray and Embryolisse

Sahag hair products

At the Holiday preview----we took some not so perfect shots of some rather refined, elegant, impeccably cut/tailored ---rainwear and lifestyle pieces.

Allegri has three lines-Allegri Milano-classic contemporary, Allegri A Tech- blue label-casual sporty, and the posh Allegri Black label---with ultimate in luxury outwear. PLUS-accessories.

Bat wing sleeves of this water resistant jackets

functional details-pockets, drawstring waist-with a lot of style

loved the puffed sleeves-great for core protection in hot weather or to layer over  in colder temps

tone on tone stitching---tailoring at its best

casual jackets 

attached hoods---great tench jacket

love this cape-a pretty print perks up a dreary day

close-up of the dyed feathers encapsulated in a white techy fabric

Motor style---weather proof.

zip-out hoods