Friday, November 18, 2011

The 14th Annual Collaborating For A Cure/Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation

Park Avenue Armory, NYC

"The WAXMAN" - as the Annual Collaborating For A Cure dinner and auction is affectionately coined  -celebrated its 14th incarnation -with a full house of generous bidders enjoying each others company and a well produced event...guided by leading lights- Chairpersons (and amazing hosts)-Elin and Michael Nierenberg.

And kickin' entertainment by the high energy, singer/songwriter/musician/patriot, Kid Rock! WOW!

We got to the enormous Park Avenue Armory as guests were arriving...and it felt like a buzzy/happy functional family reunion during perhaps, dysfunctional times---as many of the financial industry employed attendees---re-connected with comrades they used to work with- prior to the break-up of so many companies-and the changes that have gone on in the world...

K-9 detail at work...welcoming and friendly

Case in point:" can feel the energy in the air..." remarked Gwen Darien, Executive Director of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF). "We are going to raise more money than ever to fund all of our projects."

And those projects being funded, FYI-are the scientifically reviewed, "high risk/high reward studies" (collaborative too via the Institute Without Walls)....

Samuel Waxman, M.D. -Founder and Scientific Director of SWCRF-dedicated oncologist/hematologist

---dedicated to delivering minimally toxic treatments to patients...with a "...mission to eradicating cancer by bridging the gap between the lab science and the patient."

 During a New York minute lull between greeting guests ---we chatted with Michael Nierenberg-who remarked to us- and in his heartfelt speech to all---that yes, everyone has a bad day, but cancer "really sucks!"

Yup-the financial markets are back to reality after two go-go years- but IMHO- after watching the video of those individuals who are undergoing treatment now-and hearing about one courageous guy who we met last year-who lost the battle---just what constitutes a "bad day" is put into perspective.

Big hugs all around

The well produced event by Robin Lathrop (BYROBIN) was flawlessly executed-and delicious.

Ready when we were

Before the crowds

Non-stop service...second servings-"SURE!"

we knew the music was gonna be something....

Charity Buzz got the silent auction bidding all wired this year...with coveted donated items such as impossible to get into Rao's- and a fab chowfest with the Nierenberg's-up for the bidding.

AND-there's an online auction too-through Nov. 30th, 2011-with want it all- fashion internships, brunch for 4 at the Four Seasons plus a $1500 gift certificate for Frye-(aka the best boots ever), primo seats to the Jets vs. Giants game...etc.

VERY Popular too!

Peter Tunney CITY OF DREAMS Painting/collage $30,000 

 The Live Auction was expertly helmed "...from the bullpen" by Courtney Booth of Sotheby's---

 Like the glam Ginger Rodgers- who did every dance Fred Astaire ever did...but backwards and on heels---

----Booth wonderfully kept up the fast-paced tempo of bidding-throughout.

Symbolic,-arrows pointing up

No paddle, no problem

LOLA...a bundle of love worth thousands...


Lola had no competition in the good looks category-but Soul Artist Management Models  Marcus Hill and Nate Nesbitt came in tie for second.

Every person in attendance- with a heartbeat-  was broadcasting this unreal JOYFUL--- KID ROCK concert live to their YouTube/Twitter/Facebook accounts---

Meet Kid Rock-and take home his personally autographed guitar---$19.000!

Agreed with K.R.'s quip-"...we live in the greatest country on earth."