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Hair by Tela™Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi
Make-Up: Origins Led by Christopher Michael

LOOKBOOK PHOTOSHOOT on Lincoln Center Plaza: led by International Yoga Experts Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Barclay's Grove Lincoln Center

Owrds/Images Judith Ecochard

We were beyond excited when we saw the listing for what was sure to be the über stylish Yoga wear collab between China's sports brand corporate giant LI-NING and one of our fav fashion entrepreneurial super powers Vivienne Tam...set for New York's Fashion Week.

Reviewing loads of performance wear brands---apparel we really do kinda live in 24/7-...we know there is a growing trend for multi-functional active wear labels to embrace with fashion-y design elements (particualrly color)- often with label 'names' at the helm (think Stella Mc Cartmey/Adidas).

We expected the best efforts from Tam-a yogi devotee herself...who launched the collection with the modern woman in mind "who, like myself, is not willing to forgo fashion or function..." YUP.

What a great smile, Tam stopped for a fraction of a nano-second in the hair/makeup area for this shot

And after seeing Tam in a constant whirl of motion that early morning---we can see how the centered focus of yoga totally balances out her active life.
Tam made sure everything was s-ok...she actually had a book of Yoga poses with her in which she referenced for certain outfits Colleen SaidmanYee had on- and we figured many of the design elements in the apparel, reflected those positions...

The Look Book shoot-led by R. Yee with Colleen posing showed us the strength required for some of these advanced poses.
Yee and Tam-

Our yoga devoted friends were massively wowed- seeing how the renown experts Rodney Yee and his wife Colleen Saidman Yee ---
Yee with lookbook photographer---subtle changes-this yogi focused in on brilliantly- served up the perfect pose.

Very encouraging words spoken throughout. 

Time to strike a pose of his own-here with translator for the hordes of Chinese press present

...were going to lead a hand picked (by Tam and Yee) - bunch of yoga instructors in various poses while being outfitted in the 'from class to street worthy' functional outfits.

Actually a stretch we could do-IMHO yoga can be hard tho'  athletes we do triathlons with, embrace the practice
The collection is made from sustainable hemp and organic cotton blend fabrics---with a resulting textile embedded with natural properties such as excellent moisture management, anti-bacterial/odor control, and woven in UV protection (though we don't know how much)...

The results that we saw during the Lookbook photoshoot-prior to the actual presentation, impressed us for as the run of show stated---the separates truly "...bonds an active lifestyle with a personal fashion style."
Yoga Bags too!

Separates easily worn separately

A major design element ---the "OM" design-conjured up "with ombre geometric color-blocking-purples, greens, blues, fuchsias, grays, and blacks are visible in every piece through new technology of fabric boding and seamless construction...a reminder to look up ti the sky." Love that.

HAIR: The OM design figured prominently in the hair design by Philip Pelusi...

...the entrepreneur at the helm of Tela Hair Organics-a line of largely USDA certified organic products including the latest frizz banishing Phyto Keratin Smoothing Treatment.

Products used included DRI Shampoo, MOD DI PHY, and Guardian for a natural look and feel to hair texture

Inspiration for this sleek hair bun is "Vivienne's OM," aka "HAIR OM."

Derived from the Warrior pose -we were told-start with a center part, then a ponytail with bands of hair, grabbed separately, twisted around and all pinned-time wise varied by model but overall took 5-15 minutes to do. 

MAKEUP: The ebullient Christopher Michael was the lead makeup artist for Origins, an Esteé Lauder company ---with as we learned, over 28 "great pigmented/good payoff in eye color"eye shadow shades all inspired by nature.

GinZing™ Eye Cream-moisturizes

Michael's wanted the gals blessed with an after work out kind of illuminated natural look...with a pinky glow that embodies that healthy fell one has after well...a good yoga class.

VitaZing™ ("basic, not tinted") primed the skin.

Quick, Hide concealer, did just that (we dabbled, it offered sheer coverage, not chalky-and goes on smoothly),

Flower Fusion lipstick with a bit of lipgloss was also used on lips for---enhanced not emboldened he lips.


Super-Secure In Ear Clip Technology by Monster® featuring the new iSport Immerssion™  in ear headphones ($179.95) helped the yoga posers tune out the noise, We didn't actually see this innovative gadget-but have written about Monster Beats by Dr. Dre headphones/Lady Gaga collab. FUN.

Before it all---knitting.

Taking in the comings and goings of Tory Burch's RTW debut---across the street @ Alice Tully Hall


(Over 100 instructional videos and 63 podcasts by world-renowned teachers Colleen Saidman Yee and RODNEY YEE

CODA: Figures Krupp Group produced two of our top picks NYFW--this and Chris Benz. Wonderful.