Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FASHION WEEK ESSENTIALS: SPENCO® Total Support Footwear™ / GOODNESS Pop-Up Restaurant

words/images Judith Ecochard

Outdoor Retailer SLC/New York Fashion Week

We spend more wear and tear time on our feet-during the all over city New York Fashion Week-then we ever do training for triathlons or attending tradeshows.

Which is why the light as air- Spenco® PolySorb® FLOW™ Performance Insoles with foot cooling technology and the ultra-thin inserts-PROFORM ---really saved our peds from sheer agony. (Each $34.99)

As might be expected from a company with an entire division devoted to medical foot needs---these inserts are for athletes and regular folks alike.

Both inserts are made from super lightweight durable proprietary POLYSORB™ with arch and heel support.
The FLOW™ is made from an advanced EVA/Magnesium Oxide Blended Material, for natural heat dissipation, durable SpenCool™ -a moisture wicking topcloth and aerating holes (wind-channel technology) that aids airflow circulation…even in a closed shoe.  Available in six sizes…. the insoles easily replaced the ones in a pair of boots-we trimmed the top to fit---and made a noticeable difference in comfort on a hot day where we were on our feet for 8+hours.

The PROFORM with a SpenCore™ heel strike pad is for medium-high arches. Designed for tighter fitting shoes like running kickers-it worked for us in a pair of dressy pumps instead.
Normally, these fashion-y pumps would have us in agony in a New York minute. Instead, we endured a night in these 3 inch heels…and ended up in a lot better shape, foot-wise- than we ever anticipated.

IMHO: These inserts would fly---if Spenco ever did one of those gifting suites that are a Fashion Week must...

ALSO AVAILABLE: FLOW™ WARM---for cold feet…available now just in time for the winter.

Smartly, Spenco has launched a line of REALLY comfy and totally supportive flip-flop kind of sandals and closed casual footwear in nice color waves----that do double duty as recovery shoes from athletic endeavors…
Styles available---the casual encapsulating via RealFit™ Canvas- Siesta, ($79.99)...

Part of the reason why-Spenco gets foot comfort right!

--- the non-marking rubber outsoles- Quartet ($49.99)---

---- and Yumi ($49.99)----

----with mechanically accurate footbeds, superior impact cushioning, plus arch support that’s orthotic-quality with deep heel cupping, insoles that promote stability, alignment and motion control, and EVA surface custom molds for a personally perfect fit over time.
Available in men and women’s sizes.

Once our peds were coddled---we needed a place to put up our feet, literally---and so we were intrigued by the “pop-up” restaurant-open during the recent Mercedes Benz Fashion Week/NYC ----across the street form the fashion hub-Lincoln Center…a concept developed by the very smart model/philanthropist (and daughter of the mega-talented        Isabella Rossellini)--- Elettra Weidemann-.

To be continued, in a matter of speaking-at other fashion weeks abroad…the idea by Weidemann is to offer “GOODNESS with a touch of BADNESS” with daily guest chefs taking over the facilities of a established restaurant (in this instance the second floor Ed’s Chowder House-44 WEST 63RD STREET)…and serving up healthy and more “sinful” fare...and of course, free Wi-Fi courtesy of Orange Hat.

FYI: The dishes are made up of locally sourced, and “environmentally friendly” ingredients…as befits the visionary Weidemann who wrote her London School of Economics dissertation on Third World food issues.

ADDED PLUS: The service was flawless-we inhaled our coffee, delivered in under than 30 secs. Very impressive.