Friday, August 26, 2011

SORTIR LE SOIR Eau de Parfum Fragrance Launch Preview by Susan Tabak

Park Avenue, NYC

Words/Event Images Judith Ecochard

It has been a deliciously aromatic August---

WONDERFUL! The opulently scented Elements Showcase (Part 1/Part 2) -was soon followed by a welcoming invite to experience a "contemporary interpretation of a classic, gardenia-inspired white floral with subtle hints of green,"-to quote the press release that succinctly sums up this surprisingly light, four seasons' appropriate fragrance.

THE NYC DEBUT: We received a warm welcome- and immediately felt relaxed (bravo, bubbly)-in the spacious, classically proportioned, Park Avenue apartment of  Susan Tabak...a stunning sophisticate herself---who ---like her home actually, manages to be modern, emit a not forced, casual chic, and elegant --- a certain style that we usually associate with a more European way of life.

Lucky us, we had a chance to chat with this multi-tasking fashion entrepreneur about the evolution of the honoree of the night, the lovely (smartly packaged too)....SORTIR LE SOIR Eau de Parfum.

It seems it was a series of fortunate events---an invite to an artful debut of a candle by Claude Lalanne at Quintessence Paris...and a quick- (we think)- meeting of the minds with the emporium's owner, Sandrine Pozzo do Borgo---which led to the ultimate decision to craft a luxe fragrance made by the hostess' family-owned fragrance company.

Interesting for us, the perfumer, Françoise Caron, is the creator of the scent we literally doused our self with that night-Hermès Eau d'Orange Verte. he also is the 'nose' responsible for winning scents such as Gio de Giorgio Armani, Kenzo Ça Sent Beau, and Valentino's Rock 'n Rose.

Monsieur Caron "just got it," was the phrase we heard over and over, when we asked about the marching orders given to this accomplished olfactory master.

And though we are not the floral type---Sorti Le Soir if fresh---like a just plucked gardenia grown in the wild-with heart notes using jasmine and freesia--- AND top notes of Bergamot and Mandarin Orange-enlivened with hints of warmth (amber/vanilla).

A contemporary fragrance that is subtle at first-when applied to pulse points--- and then SOFTLY opening up, aromatically--- with time. In a good way...not overwhelming.

Feminine, sensual, distinctly chic-but relaxed, as much a scent for a weekend in the country-as well as for a glam night on the town.

Much like the hostess of the evening's event...who we got the impression, is just as at ease at venturing abroad to many far flung well as warmly (bravely) opening up her home to quite a few strangers-as the event was very well attended.

PS: We thought the packaging was great-and we know that the design of a perfume bottle- and box-- is very time consuming and thoughtful.

Here the deep fuchsia is a wonderfully feminine color---that borders on innate sexy versus the obvious sassy of a brighter/lighter fuchsia shade.

The bottle too is very womanly--- without the obvious curves of a gal's figure that has been used well enough in other perfume vessels, anyway.

The box is architectural---it reminded us, like the glass bottle in a way--- of a Greek column---as it sits higher from the 'foundation'---via the interior white inner rim.

We also greatly admired the font---that composes the "ST" ---that wraps around the box...very creative...

INFO:  ($125)

 words/images judith ecochard