Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Words/Event Images Judith Ecochard

Scary, we thought---we slather our skin with a highly rated for protection chemically based sunscreen---only to see it form this icky gas-petro film on the surface of a sparkling clean fresh water lake-the sec we dipped our toe in.

The poor fish---which had us searching for effective sunblocks that nix the "red-flagged" sunscreen ingredients and use minerals as active ingredients (like zinc oxide) to effectively block harmful UVB and UVA sun rays---and with inactive ingredients that are biodegradable (organic plant oils, butters...)---and therefore safe for oceans and marine life.

W.S. Badger---is a leader in the authentically authentic natural suncreens (tested by respectable 3rd party institutes like the Natural Products Association and with many 100% USDA Certified Organic products too). Their SPF30+ sunscreens use the non-nano Zinc Oxide---in packaging that is PBA and Phthalate free, easily recycled plastic packaging.

We also like how it works right away---and the one we use- the unscented one (we found online for $14-$16 for  2.90z tube)---leaves a white film that let's us know what we covered---but then it sinks in after about 15 minutes.

Also free of parabens, silicones, sulphates and colourants are the the Balance Shampoo (8.4 fl. oz-$10) and Conditioner (8.4 fl. oz-$10) that belong to the RAINFOREST collection made by The Body Shop. We have wanted to try these hair products  since we fell in love with the fab Biodegradable Gels that launched last Spring. 

"Eco-Conscious" (with respect to aquatic life and sustainable packaging awareness)---we liked how it cleaned  hair after a sweaty workouts---without stripping ...(the shampoo with Community Trade Aloe Vera and seaweed)---while the conditioner with moisturizing pracaxi oil, white nettle, nourishing seaweed and Community Trade sourced healing Aloe Vera-got the tangles out without weighing down our locks. Good for everyday---in the summer especially.

FYI: Also new from The Body Shop---the new Body Butter DUOs---really generously served up 6.75 oz body butters (with an intro price of $15)-in fav, authentic smelling scents like vanilla and sweet pea...that are multi-tasking ...one side is for the really dry scaly body zones---think elbows, heels...while the other side moisturizers more normal skin like everywhere else. Finally, one product to carry in our gym bag that's already burdened with swim gear.

We tried the vanilla and both creams went on smoothly and sunk in fast---we didn't need to re-apply either-till we took a shower, the next day. Long lasting is eco too. 

At the very chic Mondrian Hotel in downtown NYC SOHO---

---we attended a launch of the fun fun fun in the sun---SUNBOW sunscreens---naturally derived suncreens in adorable packing that the über smart dudes that founded this company--- 

---secured the rights to use Nickelodeon characters like Dora The Explorer (pink formulas) and SpongeBob SquarePants (yellow)---hence the cute labels.

The Zinc Oxide based cream formulas (SPF 30)---we tried---and like how it went on very easily and protected WITHOUT the use of Oxybenzoate-that we read might be linked to a higher incidence of skin cancer.

The ultimate test was left up to/for our insanely clever five year old, NYC livin' nephew---who loves the Sunbow Sun Stick (SPF 45) ---that he happily puts on like shaving cream ---pretending he is going to then- shave his face. CUTE and effective.  And he has no idea who Nickelodeon characters are-being a Marvel Comic's kinda guy.

The Sunbow Sunscreen Sprays (SPF 30) smell of bubble gum-fun for kids---that disappears in about three minutes---so no worries about attracting bugs...