Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Words/Image Judith Ecochard


It was our open water swim around Liberty Island in New York's crazy choppy waters---straight off a Ferry-to arrive dripping wet at the base of the glorious Statue of Liberty---that allowed us to truly test the waterproof claim of NOW--- our latest obsession:

The Make Up Forever Aqua Creams ($22)-creamy and luminous multi-tasking (cheeks, eyelids, lips) formulas available in 22 mixable shades... we used the intensely bright, Fuchsia Pink on our lips straight out of the jar and added moisturizing SPF+ 15 clear lip stuff right over survived better than our stomach did from a few swallows of that water...

...Aqua Liners ($23)---as easy to apply as any liquid 15 vibrant shades-in matte, iridescent and diamond finishes...including our fav---the stunning Diamond Lagoon Green that made our green eyes pop...and was really visible and easy to precisely apply--- unlike the other more watery waterproof eyeliners we tried--- made by other companies...that went on too sheer as to make a difference and seemed to fade pretty quickly too.

... WITH Aqua Eyes ($17)---a highly pigmented waterproof eyeliner pencil---that smoothly glides on lids---we didn't have to stretch our skin out to get the line--- and is smudge friendly-for a softer look-within 60 seconds of application. We used Majorelle Blue---a shade that will work with any skin tone and eye color----and that we managed to get in our inner lower rim too...though that spot never lasts on us.

The above products... all got great buzz at The Make Up Show-NYC---and converted many like just use these this drippy hot summer.

We can honestly say...the Aqua products we tried stood up to the ultimate swim test---and given the color options---we want them all. REALLY.