Monday, July 4, 2011



Well how appropriate this gets posted on the Fourth of July.

A few weeks back-a media event was held for all to learn about an all-American- made in New England -(the former colonies!!!!!) outerwear company.

The ruggedly handsome peacoats and interpretations thereof ---were so polished-we almost wished for cold temps again.


Our first glimpse of the tailored, structured, perfectly made, heavy to less heavy wool coats had us thinking back to pictures of the last Mass. politician to be sworn in as President of the USA....and the most recent President Sterlingware of Boston---the company that makes (earned the priviledge) to manufacture the distinguished outerwear for Navy servicemen and women---would do well to clothe the first couple on the big day in January.

Convertible Collars really stand-up to ward off the cold-
WHAT's NEW---and hence the press event---S of B is bringing it all retail via the Anchor Collection of the always chic workhorse--- the USA Navy style peacoats...(in fairness---the Euro Navies across the Pond have had something similar since the 17th century-and the name "Pea Coat" has its origins in the Dutch or Frisian word pij for a type of cloth-facts courtesy of the press material-cool.)

AND PLUS: the Classic Style Collection of traditional style outerwear with really spot-on fashion design elements that work for city career, evening or casual occasions. Mini-me versions too.


CHRISTIAN -Men's long toggle coat-w/zip and button closures---high collar, and a hood too. Precision!
Exceptional quality---our favs being the more traditional peacoat styles...of which there were several classic style models with variations like 6 buttons vs 8, single vs double breast, different linings-quilted, satin, fleece, standup and convertible collars...and many wool and wool blends---including cashmere available in similar models.

CARLOS Men's zip-up short coat-well cut----sharp!

Coat tone selections are numerous---with Navy, Columbia Blue (our fav-we went there), Black, Grey, autumnal tones like Loden Green, Crimson and Texas Red , ....

CHRIS-Double Brested Car Coat-Satin Lined=HANDSOME-2 outside and 2 inner pockets

Men will never look more refined...hence our presidential visions...

Melton Wool options 

PLUS: Bravo to family owned (three generations here) clothing/accessories companies that we have had the privledge to discover both here and elsewhere.

BECAUSE management at one of these types of establishments ---think of the employees as "family" and really take to heart - being able to provide people with a means of feeding their families...very, very seriously. And with great pride too.

Perfectly sewn satin lining

For ladies, flattering princess seams made coats stylish, not bulky---military influences (epaulets) but feminine too.

JESSICA Hooded short asymmetrical coat with shoulder straps-hidden center zipper-in black white houndstooth

NATALIA-mid-length wome's seam coat---princess seam back with detail-lovely

BOTTOM LINE: A refreshed brand from a native company that has been making the USA Navy coats since the 60's---with in the color that's unique to that branch of the military fyi...has added a newish designer with marching orders to craft sturdy and stylish coats and jackets for men and women...

...incorporating all the great finishes and details the company prides itself on...

INFO: Prices $180-$500...available to Boston area retail stores, online and at specialty retailers. 
Columbia Blue -Women's SUSAN