Wednesday, June 15, 2011


A follow-up to the MAKEUP TRADESHOW NYC

Words/Boutique Images Judith Ecochard

There is never enough to cover the makeup brands at the ginormously popular  The Makeup Show NYC, held annually---in May.


As a follow-up we visited the charming brownstone on 12th street-just off Fifth Avenue---tour of the Makeup Forever boutique/training center...


Founder Dany Sanz makeup tearsheets for the Moulin Rouge look- are works of art---FRAMED

Opaque/sheer layerable body painting that when added with "Fixer" spray can be waterproof...

For Special Effects---like black teeth and "ten different ways to make someone green" according to Janis-the fab store manager. A Halloween must

Creme and pure powder pigments---this is like our fantasy crayola crayons box

Loose powders handy stack options. Not just for the pros IMHO.

Super pigmented-true color that lasts. Can be mixed with moisturizers ---some are glittery, some have subtle shimmer. CHOICES! 

We love the pallete ---colors can go on sheer or layered. Use eyes. lips, cheeks apply with finger, brush or sponge---sets fast ---keep the lid on when not using so product does not dry out.---With summer sweat proof staying power-
Aqua Cremes $22.

Use "straight" as an illuminizer or add to foundation or bronzer for a glow-y look. Can also put in concealer-terrif highlighter!
The MUF claim to fame---Full Coverage foundation/primers that can be used by sensitive skin types... and brides looking to cover up those tatoos on her big day, leg scars etc...water tough---matte finish.

AND the fab best selling HD Foundations, Concealers, Blushes and color corrective Primers...long lasting -a little goes a long way....for a natural finish. Men even use the matte primer---UV protection via a titanium dioxide that actually manages to disappear on the skin---we tried.
Sheer to medium coverage to withstand HD tv camera close-ups---matchy match with 26 foundation shades!

like an artist...a palette for those powders

Rouge Artistes Lipsticks -long lasting, super pigmented

New to us---skin care products their own and cult fav EMBRYOLISSE from France

Aqua Eyes waterproof pencils $17) blendable for a smudgy look that's waterproof---"have time to play with it". And Aqua Liners---brand new--- for precision. Also available ---regular eye and kohl pencils---good for inner lining what is called the "waterline." We learned---don't use waterproof liner for that.

Staffed by professional makeup artists (not sales help per se) can make an appointment for a "look"---$60 ---redeemable in products. Or can drop in just for product including the top selling false eyelashes. Nice...all the natural light too---the best way to buy/put on makeup.


loved these murals---

SMASHBOX Cosmetics- has an excellent rep among the pros and has a strong retail reach too.

In fact, the brand's Photo Finish Line Oil-Free Foundation Primer ($36) has been anointed Allure Magazine's Editor's Choice since 2009...a list we always pay attention to...

We know the advantages of using a primer under foundation---it smooths/corrects/conceals and in the case of Smashbox primers---are good for the skin too, loaded with anti-aging oxidant ingredients and vitamins to reduce the appearance of fine lines, even out skin tone...

Foundation gets an added life too, staying fresher-true to color,  longer...a really big benefit in sweat inducing temps.

A lot of primers though the texture can be a bit too yech thick/ oily for us...and feel like a layer of something on our face which we hate.

We tried the Photo Finish Light---and LOVED how we felt nothing on our skin after we tried this easily absorbed white lotion---that's on the thin side---a good thing-like the original Oil of Olay texture.

Made with 60% water---the product ahs a matte finish that felt silky---and that somehow didn't dry us out (all that water)---but still allowed us to apply our foundation over it right away...

AND the Photo Finish Light has very subtle light diffusers--- a minimum shimmer that revealed when we hit direct light---a plus as it really brightened our visage subtly-not like we stuck our fingers in an electric socket.

Also good to know---the airless pump---that assures that the entire product gets used. We figure a bottle like this with daily use can last us 3-4 months easy---we needed only one pump to cover our entire face and since it dries colorless---it is good for many skintones. We give this primer two major thumbs up!

FYI: Widely available...on and off line