Sunday, June 26, 2011

JOYA de NICARAGUA Premium Cigar Launch @ NAT SHERMAN

12 East 42nd Street, NYC

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

"Tobacconist to the World", Nat Sherman invited a group of very enthused media types and fans of the forty years young,  premium cigar brand Joya de Nicaragua- to preview a new smooth, medium body cigar Cabinetta Serie--- a  blend of Nicaraguan fillers with a head finished with sun-grown Criollo that imparts a touch of pepper. 
Joya de Nicaragua's Dr. Alejandro Martinez Cuenca and Nat Sherman"s, Joel Sherman & Michael Herklots

For the press, we lucked out with a private meet/greet with the very entertaining, Joya de Nicaragua's proprietor, Dr. Alejandro Martinez Cuenca and Nat Sherman's leading light-owner Joel Sherman. 

We loved how we were able to learn the histories of both institutions, and sample the finely crafted smokes.

Both institutions pride themselves on the importance of family----the related kind and the employed kind... taking keen interests in all products and services--- with employees contributing their knowledge and talents- to ensure the best customer experience well as the finest cigars available.
Nat Sherman has amazing company memorabilia lining its walls ---

Love the cigar label as family portrait

For the invited media---the questions flowed for Dr. Cuenca---whether asking why Nicaragua has the rep for full body, spicy smokes (a matter of public relations/marketing)...

And our question regarding the terroir of this Central American country... yielding different flavors of tobacco-dependent on the climate, sun, etc---with consistency of excellence achieved through the time consuming aging/curing process of 2.5-3 years maturation time--- of the raw tobacco.

BTW the time  a privately held company like Joya de Nicaragua can take---vs the larger cigar brands that need to make the margins a lot quicker.


"The most expensive part of anything is time." Agreed.

Afterwards  tasty eats and generous pours of  really good-Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 YRS Old Rum (FYI a blend of rums including one aged 23 years, we asked)---followed--- in the handsome downstairs Johnson Club lounge.

Kudos to the new management of Nat Sherman...including the engaging and visionary-Michael Herklots -----who jumped from Davidoff to grab at the opportunity to further develop the Nat Sherman brand for "the world"---including the company's exclusive and proprietary blends.  

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