Saturday, June 18, 2011

J.F. LAZARTIGUE® PARIS Luxury Haircare For Summer


764 Madison Avenue, NYC
view overlooking Madison Ave,

No two ways about it---we were very very happy to visit the sun-filled J.F. LAZARTIGUE® PARIS---the local emporium -for-“haute couture” hair.

We did not need convincing to spend a half hour or so, reacquainting ourselves with this luxe line of hair care (treatments, shampoos, conditioners…etc)--- that has certainly grown from our experience with the repairing/nourishing Collagen Shampoo and Pre-Shampoo with Shea Butter…introduced in the USA back in 1987.

Now there are several lines targeting specific hair needs---made by this still privately owned, hair care company---and as before, there is no compromising the top notch ingredients and formulas that perform miracles for damaged locks/ravaged scalps…and maintain healthy tresses like few other products out there on the market…particularly the haircare labels that get bought over by the giants. Sometimes we feel they just get dumbed down, ingredient wise for better profit margins, appeasing their shareholders.


Completely new to us…and timely, the Sun (Soleil) Collection of enriched products including:

Sun Protection Oil---protects from sun and wind exposure with high-Omega 3 and 6 Raspberry Seed oil and Vitamin E to regenerate and strengthen---in a easy to use spray bottle…that’s beach bag portable (3.40 fl oz. $48)

After Sun Repair Mask ---a rich luscious crème with highly concentrated rich Macadamia Oil and Raspberry Seed oil, rich in Omega 3 and 6---that we apply with our fingers…and let “stew” about 15 minutes before rinsing (5.07 fl oz. $48)

Protective Nourishing Milk----a light enough spray for daily use with protective Macadamia Oil and Vitamin E plus UVA/UVB filters. (2.54 fl oz. $26)

After Sun Shampoo-to the rescue after a day outdoors and ideal for rinsing off the salt, sweat, and/or the chlorine…with Raspberry Seed with Omega 3/6 and sun filters, brilliantly restores. (6.80 fl. Oz $36)

Daily Protective Cream-non-greasy good for curly, frizzy, fine, or very dry hair…just a dab goes a long way to nourishing locks exposed to sun chlorine and/or salt. And for straight hair…it manages static electricity too. (2.54 fl oz. $26)

There are many other hair care products, including a targeted bunch for men.

How to decide which is right for you? Do what we did and nab a  scalp analysis appointment that uses an amazing J.F. Lazartigue Numeric Hair Analyzer that basically magnifies a piece of hair under a microscope like instrument …and has a probe that can examine one’s scalp---and blows it up 60x. YIKES. It is a bit scary…but a targeted way to pair down to the essential hair products for daily or weekly use.

We were at the lovely and spacious third floor, full service salon of Pierre Michel for our hair exam. The salon itself is located in a glam 57th street office building---which probably explains the large number of male clients.

Product numero uno ---probably for most: the healing, soothing cooling Propolis Jelly---derived from busy bees…and sold in an easy to use squeeze tube.

Basically, one massages 2-3 teaspoons of this healing product in, parting by parting--- to clear the way for healthy hair bulbs to grow…cause the scalp, like skin pores everywhere, can get clogged and mishandled.

We loved how our hairdresser, the amazing Amina…massaged in the Propolis Jelly (2.54 fl oz. $39) …then coated our hair with the uber rich Pre-Shampoo Deep Action Treatment with Carrot Oil (5.08 fl oz. $52)---whereupon we sat for about 15 minutes under a steam dryer.

A heavenly massaging hair wash, rinse---all while relaxing on these wonderful massage chairs…well put it this way, an indulgent ultimate stress buster!!!

A blow-out---a process that we always fear might burn our scalps (it has happened before)---was in fact, perfect. Our hair felt soft, shiny and impervious to the high humidity that welcomed us as soon as we hit the midtown streets.


WHAT’S NEW; A cutely packaged (gazless pump) Foam Shampoos in Strawberry and Apple scents for kids…that are extra gentle, won’t run in kids’ eyes (hence the foam), made from a 100% botanical base that’s non-irritating to said eyes…and is paraben free too (as are all J.F. Lazartigue products, fyi.)

SMART: You are what you eat---the Revitalizing Hair Vitamins supplements that we were told, really work…with wake-up plant extracts (lemon zest, wheat germ, horseradish), trace elements like zinc, keratin precursors (protein) amd vitamins B2, B5, B8 and Vitamins A and E. (60 tablets for $41)

Words/Images Judith Ecochard