Monday, May 23, 2011


Like fashion, the concept of high/low---meaning expensive/affordable make-up of quality is now the norm…even for the professional artists we know…who use the best working stuff, regardless of name brand or price.

Target, the chain store with the fashion capsule collections that get lots of praise…has also built up quite the make-up department---with exclusive labels from “names” in the biz---at accessible prices, above the mass-market items--- but considerably below the luxury brands.

We tried a few out ourselves with the marching orders to demo products that are able to withstand the heat/humidity of warmer weather, that’s rumored to be on its way in the northeast.

Napoleon Perdis has his own line ---that was a staple at several fashion shows we attended. He coined a phrase we never forget…”To not prime is a crime…”

For Target, he launched the NP SET ---that includes well-packaged compact makeup sets…but we tried the Pore Perfecting Pre-Foundation Set ($26) designed to minimize pores, smooth out skin…and soak up excess oils.

The clear gel like substance went on as billed, smoothly…we let it set for about 30 seconds…then easily applied our foundation over it. We always feel like something’s on our skin at first and then barely notice it btw, something we feel is desirable.

Our foundation looked fresh and true to color for hours---all the livelong day in fact…usually we feel the need to hose down and refresh every six or so hours.

For the price---we think this is a good primer for normal to kinda dry skins---and although it is supposed to soak up excess oil, we feel that those with super oily skin might not benefit from this product---it’s not matte enough. A lot of primers, at any price, in general are like that though.

We also tired the highly acclaimed JK Jemma Kidd Show Stopper Water-Resistant Bronzer ($23)---that comes in a hefty round compact that should last all summer and beyond.

We like this bronzer---that's more like a brown powder blush--- as it goes on matte…not shimmery like a lot of other bronzers…therefore this product is a great year round contour blush too…on face and body. The gold flowery design on top goes away in a few swipes…it’s does not impact the shade of the bronzer at all.

We are fair---so a little goes a long way---and we actually used it underneath foundation a few times---for a natural look. 

As far as water resistance goes…we haven’t swam in the product, yet…. the Show Stopper Bronzer def holds up all day though----we did not have to reapply after seven hours---the usual time most regular bronzers last for us. It also brushes on smoothly.

Umberto Beverly Hills is a 30-salon quality line created by Umberto Savone--- retails for a lot less than other stylists’ imprints.

The Dry Clean Shampoo is a spray on powder that has been out about a year and is tagged for $8.99.

A staple product type at fashion shows backstage---we know plenty of people use this item to freshen up hair without washing it---especially gals who shelled out dollars for a blow dry.  And oily hair/bangs type can spray some on (hold about 6 inches away)…and brush/finger through…to get rid of the grease.

For us, because we drip dry our hair everyday…we used it as a volumizer---and to give our hair so grab texture for an easy French twist updo.

Basically, we flipped over our dry hair and sprayed maybe two seconds worth on the roots all over…on the hair starting at the back of our neck. We then flipped our head/locks over…and worked through the product a bit---over the rest of our scalp. It gave our long straight wavy hair a nice feel, not cloggy…and not with a weird powdery coat either.

Nice. With a pleasant scent that we barely noticed. A good thing.

TARGET…available online and at stores.  We figure when there is a Target in midtown/downtown NYC---the Euros that flock over to shop will be stocking up to take home along with all the Apple stuff they coop up.

 J. Ecochard