Monday, April 25, 2011

the VESSEL by lois Fall/Winter 2011

Silk Lurex Jumpsuit---

Chelsea Art District, NYC


Words/Images Judith Ecochard

The Vessel by Lois F/W 2011 was a to the point menswear/uniform collection for "all women of all ages" ...

A focused presentation in a bare bones art gallery space was actually refreshing, environs it allowed us to just admire the precise tailoring and stellar fabrics of the polished modern, elegant ensembles.
Layered Cashmere Jacket-Soft Drapes perfectly sewn. 

Of course it was jammed packed...but this label gets a lot of interest.

The separates--- including what we feel are the top outfit we saw here---the short suit with slit sleeves---a Vessel signature...were all made of luxe fabrics that this photographer/entrepreneur/designer/ model (and lady of impeccable, incredible style)---- sources afresh each season.

And yes--- one can see the CK aesthetic...but we felt some 70's Halston evening luxe going on here in wouldn't Bianca or another style icon just look fabulous in this collection.

We also loved the Tailcoat in ivory ---we could/would wear these with denim...or over any cocktail or Red Carpet frock.
Jacket with Bustle and Short Skirt

Feminine with the extraneous frills...everything we saw we thought...yup, easy additions to any wardrobes...with enough textural variety as to make them worthy additions too---not repeats  of what we already have---that's dated.

And that's another great thing about all of these outfits...they really can be dressed up or down.

Wrap Dress....distinguished.