Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Sixth Avenue NYC

A few seasons back when our shoe knowledge first got schooled in the footwear line Off The Beaten Track (OTBT) ...we thought cute, kinda nutty crunchy, top notch materials, great prices...and comfortable-so very eminently walkable. We liked the MO..and looked forward to its evolution as a brand.
NOW---we're thinking this is a fashion brand---with top notch materials, great prices...and comfortable-so very eminently walkable. YUP...We STILL like the MO.

At a Fall preview a few months ago we saw snazzy takes on utilitarian classics fused with contemporary twists---- like this canvas desert boot with grippy rubber lug sole... taking the last train to Clarksville ($149).
( Instyle mag.this month)

 Hiker/worker style boots can be laced up and worn with jeams or a feminine frock----the sturdy heel gives it that urban flair. Really nice.
Edmonds $159


OTBT's versions of a wedge heel actually look attractive...not clunky. This because the uppers are so well done---and balance this solid, very easy to walk on heel...with polished lines.

In time for May flowers---this Aiken ($159) leather sandal comes in black and mushroom grey too. We think they would look cool with socks.

A suede draped upper gives this suede Arcola Wedge has nice grommet details. ($195).

And the colors are what everyone can pair easily with the bold summery shades---or more muted autumnal tones that we saw on the runways in February,

Clinton $185- in black, dark brown, grey
Menswear inspired shoe with a nice round toe ---polished, trouser ready.

Flats----Nice plush suede take on a penny loafer style---with stitch details (Scarborough).

INFO: OTBT/MUST HAVE SHOES (deliveries start now to mid summer)