Wednesday, April 6, 2011


110 Pearl Street, NYC

Even a cold Spring rain, so typical of an Opening Day…doesn’t keep away the faithful, hordes of guys with shiny new Spauldings in hand, waiting to meet Yankee great, Reggie Jackson, who was there to batter up for the financial district’s new branch of The Original SoupMan™.

Acclaimed for their meal satisfying soups- 47 in total ---like the best selling Lobster Bisque and colder fare like Gazpacho for the summery months---

The Original SoupMan™ is the company founded by AL YEGANEH back in 1984---(and famously inspired the 1995 Seinfeld character). The successful franchise locations (plus) are based on this perfectionist’s legendary soups that are tasty, nutritious (the 411, including calorie counts- is online), and as, CEO Arnold Casale noted, “our soups are meals.”
This Announcer/Greeter has a voice that can fill Yankee Stadium

Perfect weather for a cup/bowl of warm soup, of course…we tried the Lobster Bisque ourselves-later on that night after a long swim practice---and it hit the spot-yummy, filling---satisfying chunks of lobster in a thick,  creamy soup base, properly spiced too.

And we note---the packaging is very commuter friendly---no spills on the way home- even after experiencing a tossed about rush hour packed, mass transit ride-where getting through the mob of people smashed in by the door---required some swift side-to-side maneuvers. NOT posted subway rules btw, to move inside the car to let the passengers in.

FYI: Those famous Original SoupMan RULES to keep the service flowing, money in hand, move to the left- etc- are now available in twelve languages.
Mr. October-Reggie Jackson with Arnold Casale

Reggie Jackson, the brand/strategic member of the team--- is Chairman of AL Feeds The Hungry Foundation, Inc., a non-profit launched by The Original SoupMan---that serves it up, ($ that is), to local hunger charities to commemorate each new franchise opening.

Other items like salads and sandwiches available too---
Words/Images J. Ecochard