Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Outdoor Retailer, SLC

Celebrating its two decades in business...SIMPLE footwear unveiled new logos and an outdoors' inspired collection for its anniversary---

SATIRE STITCHED RIBBON LACE-eco cert suede and cert org, cotton---cute! 
The company also looked to its past rooted in the California's skate/surf scene for some vintage inspired kickers too---that we think really broadens the scope of where SIMPLE can be worn.

As in becoming more of an everyday "sneaker" as well as casual footwear for the weekend.
Water proof TAKE ON LO BRR in eco-cert leather $80
Fleece Lining, Thermal insole

Traction Outsole

Eco awareness has always been the company mantra---"...because having a planet to live on is cool."

This manifests itself in meaningful production values...like the extensive use of organic cotton, hemp (strong and sustainably grown without pesticides/herbicides), recycled PET in the shoelaces, uppers, midsoles and linings, biodegradable Jute, recycled rubber and recycled rubber tires for outsoles, eco-certified suede and leather (BLC or ISO 14001), BIO.D additive to help make EVA and rubber soles biodegradable in 20 years (yes---that is important too)...

AND packaging made form post consumer recycled paper... all delivered at great prices without the back slapping fanfare that some really not so green fashion brands award themselves.

Take this waterproof eco-certified leather TAKE ON series for men--- in hi and low formats.The Simple DNA is  sneaker---but that would be too simplistic, hey-hey...because the that name doesn't convey, for example -in the Take On Hi BRR- the comfy thermal insole with arch support, organic cotton flannel lining, biodegradable traction outsole and recycled PET laces.

The ladies get TAKE ON in hi.low also.

 Cute ---the PET ribbon lace (two laces provided btw---to switch it up).

The TAKE ON in eco-certified metallic suede with recycled PET lace ribbon---very trend on.

And new for Simple----the easy pull-on warm BRRLIN eco-cert suede boot with traction outsole with BIO-D. (In Brown Grey as well as Black $85)

Of course there are flip-flops---the egg crate very supportive footbeds that are FLIPPEE, FLIPPEE POLKA and FLIPPEE MICROPERF---made of eco-certified synthetic nubuck or recycled PET webbing ---with a BIO.D sole. (Vegan)

Guys version----the FLIPPEE/FLIPPEE PLAID, Delivering in May 2011 just when it stops snowing in the Lower 48.

Slip-ons are always a gals fav----the SUNNY SIDE made from eco-cert suede are adorable...and the plaid inserts give the kicker something extra for not a lot of money.


Guys get easy slip-ons too OVER EASY---with a lot of handsome style we thought...

Herringbone Pattern

E. BENEDICT-eco cert suede + cert. organic cotton/PET blend $70

Men get a new twist-the new O.S. SNEAKER- a collaboration with artist Andrew Holder who did the awesome graphics of the printed lining.

Also new, the TUBA II LEATHER, TUBA SUEDE II and TUBA SUEDE HERRINGBONE...lifestyle sneakers---that we think most guys can wear to office jobs----

PRICES: Terrific---spend green to get green footwear comes in at $55-$90...with FLIPPEEs around $30.

(AND FYI---even the catalogue is printed with soy ink on chlorine free FSC certified paper.) Not so complicated, just commitment needed to be eco aware and active.


TAKE ON low/hi