Friday, April 15, 2011



Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Fall 2011 Presentation in the Highline Room

HOT FOR TEACHER-Van Halen's 1984 ode to a desirable authority figure- featured bikini clad, dancing school marms---in the highly entertaining video--- directed by lead singer David Lee Roth (imagine that costume decision!).

Okay, that song was not exactly the theme for this Ecco Domani Fashion Award Winner for Sustainable Design fashion presentation-actually a kinda runway show-with models walking out one by one---placing an apple on an old wooden desk...then striking a pose...

But we would have bet if it was, no one would have been tardy to this class. HA HA.

YES- it was a very late start for this session, in a packed room- in a jammed week of stuff to do....but everyone stuck around and elbowed each other for a good camera angle---for  good reasons.

Back tracking a bit, we heard that the Canadian born, Brooklyn living Tara St. James actually referenced her mother's wardrobe from the 80's.

We appreciated how that manifested itself into wearable cool librarian styles---that were voluminous, practical (to wear in cold weather), and of a flattering muted palette.

This Zero-Waste Vintage Double Knit Dress-our top pick...flattering

Perhaps not everyones cup of tea, the gaucho pants---but clearly the designer knows her way around gentle pleats and ruffles---and we bet, the soft hands of the textiles and warm knits, make these separates cozy perfect.

Draped bat wing jacket, a hand knit cropped sweater with ruffled sleeves, and a dolman sleeve top---all just some of the fine examples of ST. James skills with getting a garment to fit perfectly. Requiring quiet contemplation to appreciate---we give an "A."

AND ---the MO of the collection epitomizes how to fashion fashion from organic, repurposed, and vintage Overstock Knits, Zero-Waste Overstock Wool, Organic Cotton, Recycled Film Ultrasuede (spare the landfills),..etc. Something we wish for more of.
Shoes by Bass, Hue Socks

PLUS: Bravo----Garments either made in NYC--carbon credits welcome...or via fair trade manufacturing ---all documented at

BONUS: One of the sponsors was Fjallraven...a Swedish outdoor label we reviewed at the Outdoor Retailer tradeshow---so we hope for a future collab.


We liked how Tara ST. James gave attendees a bevy of natural products (thanks!)...including info from Blades Natural Beauty by Jessica Blades...even though Make-up for the presentation was by Lyn Desnoyers for M.A.C.