Saturday, April 16, 2011



Words/Images Judith Ecochard

It’s never just ‘skincare” when we’re reviewing a French Cosmetic company (meaning treatment products, not make-up this time).

There’s the whole aesthetics of beauty in terms of fashion, art, the five senses…that goes deeper than the typical American approach.

And so it was---when meeting Absolution’s founders Isabelle Carron and her associate, Arnaud Pigounides.

Creators of this 9 product line of unisex skin serums, creams and a fab multi-tasking no rinse cleanser….(aka “…a cosmetic revolution with great and sophisticated organic products…”)

--- hail from a strategy and design background…which explains the genius, hand drawn packaging----made from recycled/recyclable paper, plant inks---origami worthy, with special one pump dispensers ----so amazing Absolution won Wallpaper® Design Awards’ Best Cosmetic 2010!!!!

All info printed on the extra inserts

But it’s not just the outer shell that’s won the accolades…the mostly organic ingredients, chosen to work effectively on skin  (developed in collab with French laboratory…) are synergistic…and can be combined for a “bespoke” experience for one’s visage.

At the NYC Editor’s preview, we were impressed with not only the list of organic ingredients…and vitamins/anti-oxidants and wild plants that compose each and every Absolution item…

We were equally impressed with what are not included---questionable preservatives like parabens, PEG, OGM and Phthalate (NONE) …and also without and synthetic fragrances, coloring and animal based products.

“Skin is a living organism, “ noted Isabelle Carron---who had the most glowing skin imaginable….

“…A communication interface: it reacts both to the outside environment (sun, wind, pollution) and the inside one (diet, smoking…"

And so the skin care line targets different types of skin that varies in and of itself on any given day/night.

As Carron told us…”Need drives the product…I need something like that.”


We’re obsessed with the L’eau Soir et Matin---filled with healing/regenerating ingredients in a cleansing water…think of it as a souped up cleanser/make-up remover/toner that imparts healing Vitamin E and revs up the cells via Hellcyrsum hydrokat and Potassium. (FYI---also with soothing aloe, cornflower water, Hazelnut oil. ---though not oily by any means).

It’s a true workhorse of a product…not wonder it’s a best seller ($40)…and becoming a staple backstage at all the Paris Fashion shows.

Other products in the “Facial Range” include La Crème du Jour---anti-aging day cream with anti-oxidants (calcium, green tea), La Crème de l’Homme for guys with firming Bamboo and regenerating Baobab seeds oil-an essential fatty acid,
Each product packaging has a different design

Moisturizing La Crème du Soir with ”highly softening Officinal Marshmallow extract, Vitamin E and Omega 3 and natural plumping (a good thing, fyi) Hyaluronic Acid, eye contour booster Le Soin Regard that improves elasticity and soothes away fine wrinkles via natural origin caffeine-a proven de-puffer….

And four La Solutions targeting different facial problems…

ANTI-AGE (extremely rich in Vitamin C)

CONTROLE (zaps zips without leaving brown spots that take forever to fade)

ECLAT (with extract of Prickly Pear flowers and raspberry bush oil rich in Omegas 3 and 6) that good for uneven skin tones.

ENERGIE (that revitalizes tired skin with Echinacea that’s also good for rosacea too.

AVAILABLE at SPACENK and online...$40-$89

BTW: Eco-cert certified differs from USDA Organic , btw-----Absolution products each average above 60% organic content. 

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