Friday, March 4, 2011

Christopher Raeburn Capsule Collection/Victorinox FALL 2011


Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Christopher Raeburn


Leave it to a European label, in this case the 127 year old Victorinox-purveyors of Swiss Army knives, watches, luggage, travel gear and apparel…to make the best use of an art space for a Fall 2011 presentation during the recent New York Fashion Week.

Invited by our Berlin contacts and a USA living Victorinox employee who we really know from Outdoor Retailer---

…we were particularly keen on seeing this special limited edition (only 100 pieces per item!!!) re-purposed materials’ collection by the talented and eco-minded English designer Christopher Raeburn---who had a very well respected Remade In England label of his own..

Well thought out, Raeburn’s MO included making the entire collection from deconstructed Swiss military surplus materials and uniforms---like bright orange parachutes, wool blankets, durable tauplln, red cotton sheets---found in the environs of the Swiss town of Ibach.

Funnel Snap Collar, Ribbed Sleeves &Sleek Lines=Warmth/Style

Plus- the original Ibach factory of Victorinox was also worked--- staffed by local trades people and the brand’s employees.
Insulated---with Swiss Army Victorinox Logo

Button Tabs on SHoulder Functional Design

Very cool.

Walking into the large dark space, spotlights highlighted the eight piece- (Captain's Coat, Cocoon Blouson, Officer's Parka, Parachute Hoodie) accessories (Sentry's Hat, Duffle Backpack, Recruit's Cap, Horseshoe Nail Knife

---hung from repurposed parachute cords…on recycled wood hangers embossed with the collection’s logo…

We marveled at the details…including the original parachute/duffel straps and tech traits (waterproof, ripstop) of the original materials used…

AND the solid repurposed zips, snaps, inner/outerpockets for electronics and keys…all in smartly fashioned garments that are just chic, handsome, trend-on. What we see on the pricey labels.

AND the styling itself---collars that enclose to ward off the elements…for example. Things we look for in performance wear.

Even the lined wool scarves and bomber hats--- functional fashion statements we were tempted to walk out with.

Lining one wall of the gallery space was the company manifesto projected

…and pictures of the “models”---all workers in the Ibach factory.

Also set up was an open enclosed art performance sound/sight piece…whereby videos of the manufacturing process and kinda a lifestyle commercial was augmented by recorded sounds from the factory,

And that was very cool too.

Deliveries scheduled for September 2011. We didn't get any pricing details but kinda think similar to a Canada Goose...