Sunday, March 20, 2011


Central Park West, NYC

OH---the sec we descended the narrow stairs beneath a kinda weirdly located art gallery (in one CPW's grand residential buildings...)---and heard the effervescent french pop music blasting away....

We thought of one of our Big Apple born/raised nieces...a cool, tall braniac type---all clad in her own atypical, pulled together, stylish way, requisite sleek Euro-cool Prada glasses when needed...

We think she could rock the cropped jodphur with side slit details, the Hunter wool twill blazers with sturdy horn buttons...the sheer lacy overlayed sweepers

 ---and who, IMHO, captures the essence of Araks Yeramyan's RTW target market.

For the smart gals who might actually be familiar with the inspiration for Fall 2011's collection---

...pontificating on the deeper poetic meanings---a 'clad in gamine long dresses---sleeveless chiffon dresses with leather overlay, a silk, dolman sleeve dress with a gathered waist...

...discussing the groundbreaking, critically acclaimed 1968 film "The Colour of Pomengranates" about the Armenian ashug Sayat Nova (King of Song)---in which the lead actress plays six roles-both male and female (kind of like Tilda Swinton in Orlando---who, btw is perfect for this label too)...
White Washed Silk Button Down with overlay

Well we got the pomengranate part right away with those lips (Shiseido did the makeup) and the color appeared as a nice tonal pop.

But the clothes---probably like the film ---require multiple viewings to "get"---

With a  lot of complex layers.

Some highlights were all examples of Araks deft abilities at mixing it up--- of textures---the sturdy wools, the delicate lace, washed silks and soft angora knits.

Nerdy chic, we thought as the lines were generally modest, the skirts long---but transparent...or lacy see through which befits the designer of lingerie separates too.

---THINK: The smoldering librarian stereotype...

Sea Wool Felt Dolman Sleeve Coat, Sea Wool Felt Pullover,