Monday, February 21, 2011


New York Fashion Week, NYC

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Who'da thunk that the kickers we ended up wearing the most during the recent Big Apple based Fall 2011 Fashion Week (really 10 days)---

--- came courtesy of a brand known for its rugged outdoor and hiking footwear, Wolverine.

Wolverine the label by itself, is one of the shoe offspring- of the mothership, Rockford, Michigan based Wolverine the corporation.

The company had conjured up a workboot MO for in people who view their shoes as equipment, steel toes optional.

We got educated about their latest, more crossover offerings- and IMHO can't get more purposely crossover than from trekking up/down a mountain, scaling major altitude, to trekking all over Manhattan, scaling subway steps--- for all those fashion shows-- slamming down on the slushy, snow messy sidewalks...
Our Wolverines blending totally with Designer Rebecca Minkoff's Handbags/Satchels-Backstage at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, NYC-Lincoln Center

At the recent OR tradeshow.
Photon -foreground, Outlander Slip-On, Sierra, Compass 

Photon Sole

And why Wolverine became our go-to footwear---even though wearing chic, high-heel peds is kinda our job during this time...where we also re-wire our brain cells for a whole 'nother of viewing apparel.


The military tested INDIVIDUAL COMFORT SYSTEM™ (ICS) exclusive, patented technology that is genius.


Basically the ICS comes to life in a disc that sits underneath the insole---so one removes THAT....

...then springs out the dial, and dials for different levels of firmness...depending on the activity, terrain, pronation strikers (or not),  sock thickness etc...adding up to another example of have it your way. personal preference. Giving the wearer more Inner and Outer support, Firmness or Cushion.
a demo-FYI

Since we were going up and down on a lot of cement pavement...and walking around for about 16 hours a day...we opted for the most cushion-y setting.

Heavenly---even when we wore other comfortable pairs of outdoor boots...we always made the switch back into our Compass ($155) the next day---the serious do-it-in a day boot-(Men's and Women's-available now).

Also of note---besides being stabile, supportive, and durable, we found the Compass extremely breathable and waterproof (via the Gore-Tex® liner)...much appreciated as we were going from the extreme outdoor cold, to heated indoor environs like a gazillion times a day...

PLUS:  grippy EVA/rubber outsoles with rubber that functions when the mercury plummets... all in a very lightweight kicker.

And yes, we gave the Compass kickers a test out on a short hike when the temps spiked up a tad.

VERDICT: Functioned just as well with---we wore our medium weight hiking socks...and importantly, had plenty of ankle our daypack weighed in at about 7 lbs.

For Fall 2011, a full grain leather Fulcrum hiking boot- with Gore-Tex®-debuts...also with the ICS system.


Coming soon are an assortment of mid and low cut day hikers...with comfy/supportive OrthoLife® inserts, and the ICS system embedded...

And many styles with Vibram® outsoles
Burst Low-cut

Fun pops of colors.
-waterproof too.

Prices-ranging from around $105 for slip-ons---$200.


Our eyeballs wandered over to the 1000 Mile Shoe Collection ---authentic---MADE IN THE USA...a group that plays off, very stylishly, all things Americana/Vintage...heritage appreciated footwear that never goes out of style. Love the cordovan tones---limited editions BTW.