Monday, February 7, 2011


Outdoor Retailer, SLC/NYC

It does take a village in a way---to perform well at endurance sports. And it’s not just the gear, the coach... the time put in to efficiently workout…there are the other components, often ignored that can make a difference.


We resisted those squeezy gels as training nutrition band wagon---as we have run a whole bunch of marathons, with chocolate bar boosts proffered by relatives and friends strategically cheering us on every four miles or so.

Well that might have worked then but for triathlons---more alone time requires more thought---and input, gastronomically speaking…and we’re older too.

Clf Shot® ENERGY GELS---now with a revamped formula---have been tasted and tested. The latest batch have more electrolytes that replace what we sweat out- (50 percent more than the old ones)---

And are faster acting via organic maltodextrin and organic evaporated came juice (a long lasting surge of energy ---not a sledgehammer hit that leaves us stunned within five minutes).

We tried them all and of course totally favored the ones with three levels of caffeine---Mocha, Chocolate Cherry, Double Expresso (fav, a “TURBO” gel---clocking in with 100mg of Caffeine.), Strawberry, and Citrus.

Other flavors include Razz® (as in raspberry), and Chocolate.

What we appreciated most---besides the fact that the gels were just thin enough, not thick globby ---so easy to down on the run---

---Was that all of the flavors tasted authentic---and tasty without our usual wincing.

And should be---as lo’ and behold, the ingredients are all pronounceable---and there weren’t that many of them. Calorie wise---they rank in the 100-110 ranges, (average). We like the very mild salty kick via sea salt.

Packaging is also very cool ---with the smart trash-fighting Litter Leash®---and the packets are easy to line-up on/tape our tri bike…to rip off and devour as needed.

AND-major thanks to Clifbar, the parent company that basically provides for all our nutritional needs at Outdoor Retailer and NY Fashion Week.


A triathlon in Florida really drove home the need for really good skincare …yes, the amount of sun damaged skin we saw, shocking.

At Outdoor Retailer…BEYOND COASTAL introduced a 30 SPF FaceStick and a Clear (read effective) formula of sunscreen that is oil and paraben-free. Personal experience has us experiencing the ineffectiveness of some sunscreens ---no matter what label SPF whatnot is slapped on…

…Beyond Coastal works as billed.

Another brand we are extremely partial to is KISS MY FACE---an entire line of natural beauty and personal care products---from a company helmed by two vegetarians…

And we’ve met them (Bob MacLeod and Steve Byckiewicz)…and kinda think they are the cool original hippies---and we mean that in the nicest way possible.

Some of the new to us products---are the Kiss My Face Moisture Shaves…. in COOL MINT (for our guy) and aromatic PEACE PATCHOULI ($4.95 4oz, $7.95 11oz).

Moisturizing, not greasy (via Olive and Coconut Oils)…both lather up (Soapwort) in a satisfying way without the added detergents of other brands…and upon rinse off---there is a nice clean feel---which we were told was courtesy of the perennial plant Lady’s Mantle (an astringent with styptic properties).

And vitamins A and E to nourish the skin.

What else we like is how affordable this line is---really at big box drugstore prices for personal care products without the questionable ingredients like parabens.

A fact that is so important to us for things like LIP BALMS…as we read that one can digest around 5lbs of lipstick a year. Yikes.

Kiss My Face has fun fragrances (the latest, Coconut Pineapple) for their soothing lip balms that have no artificial colors…and sooth with organic beeswax, organic canola oil, and aloe vera. ($3.49 each, Tempting Trio $9.99)

We must been feeling generous cause we had the gals on our tri team try out the Kiss My Face FILTHY RICH CITRUS LAVENDAR MOISTURIZER ($10.95)…

The satisfyingly thick lotion (with shea and mango butters)- got a place on the podium--- as it rid pool ravaged sensitive skin of all the dry scaly stuff (organic cocoa butter and sunflower oil)---

And the authentic scent, derived from flowers and botanical oils, is not overpowering---but neutralized that chlorine smell just fine.


J. Ecochard---
(some images from company websites)