Friday, February 25, 2011


Outdoor Retailer, SLC

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Sierra Designs ("SEEK ADVENTURE") is an outdoor lifestyles brand---with tents, sleeping bags and apparel under the label's auspices.

For Fall 2011, there was plenty ___we saw the new Long Flex Jacket (really a thigh length coat--$269)----made of recycled polyester material, 650-fill down--- that's stretches too-thanks to special baffle stitching, making the garment suitable for active types. Plus---there's a vest version that we think is very chic..

Five colors....

We have a Flex jacket version (out now) --- that we lived in all during the recent New York Fashion Week

Trooping all over Manhattan in the worst weather...

---...we were very protected against those fierce, gusts of wind pummeling the streets that act like funnels across the island... REALLY---- all the skinny people were blown right into the Hudson River.

The wind busting and durability of the material is tops--

AND  easy to clean----and fold up and stuff (compressible) into our camera bag when indoors.

The design, with all the inside net (dump) and zipped pockets, and two zipped outer pockets---allowed us to carry around all the stuff we needed, securely.

Plus: we liked the clean profile---not too puffy, no added bells and whistles...with a go all the way up zip and a smartly crafted hood that is amazing----engineered to protect us completely, when all zipped up---and with a flattering pink lining (vs the black exterior color that we NYC friendly).

The toasty Gnar Jacket (out now-$199, $209 with a hood)---that we reviewed last year....comes in terrific we were reminded.

IMHO-- the Gnar Skirt ($99), a quilted winter skirt made of 650-fill down---- will be a  major trend-on---as in HUGE according to several Northwest based retailers we know.

Practical yes, cute...but fashionistas should know---adds to the hips' silhouette even though the skirt  is compressible-pack friendly.