Thursday, February 24, 2011


Warren Tricomi Salon-The Plaza Hotel

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

A calm atmosphere backstage prior to a major runway show is rare.
Catch-up Power nap

Sometimes it's a matter of enough physical space for all the humans stylists, make-up artists, seamstresses, dressers, press, models, sponsors, moms and boyfriends...etc

We appreciated- this season---- the easy demeanor of seasoned pros who got the fab gals looking more fab---with coifs all ready in about 15 minutes, (record time???) drama, efficient, unfailingly polite answers for no doubt,  the same questions by media types.

Edward Tricomi, ensconced in his glam Fifth Avenue salon (co-owned with hair colorist Joel Warren),  smoothly commanded his team for the recent 11 AM show for the Fall 2011 Collection of society/Hollywood fav designer, Douglas Hannant.

The black hair bobs, achieved via steamed/shaped wigs were carefully placed over braided hair flattened  under skull caps. Very cut/styled "switching it up a bit"---- the wigs reminded us of the famous/iconic Vidal Sassoon Five Point Cut---a ground-breaking 60's hairdo.

The angular shapes,  precisely snipped with combs, fingers and scissors, set the tone for Hannant's 1920's/30's inspired glamorous clothing.

"I love it,"Tricomi declared..."the look, the process of braiding the hair."

"It's extremely architectural ...we play with the shape a little bit...the first line is very strong...for hair that works with the clothes, contemporary, with a hint of vintage."

When we asked how could his everyday customer would rock this...Tricomi immediately clued us in that this is a definite look for his clients..."put on heels and your husband will think your a new woman."

The make-up by MAC Cosmetics, had a warm glow with "creams used for everything."

The multi-tasking taupe powder, with greyish brown undertones....delivers for Fall 2011...and will work on most skin tones.

The eyes are strong, lined with liquid liner on top with a bit of gold shiny sparkle in the center---so when the models blink---"it's beautiful," Agreed.

The black mascara, Naughty was applied a bit clumpy on purpose...while the hollowed cheeks were decisively contoured with an eye shadow, Sketch---"the color of dried blood."

Pencils Plum and Pork were mixed together for the dark lip on lighter skin tones... Chestnut, Coffee and Currant (an eye pencil) for darker skin tones.

On the nails, Raison in The Sun ---a "power polish" by CND's Color Effect's line.

Stunning beaded details

Feathered Ballgown for a major entrance

Hand worked beading/sequins on shoulder straps