Wednesday, December 22, 2010

PORTS 1961 PRE-FALL 2011 Editor's Preview: MENSWEAR

601 West 26th Street, NYC


Words/Images Judith Ecochard

It was a swirl of activity---a Lookbook photo-shoot, buyers and bloggers, models and designers...assistants and sales teams...and of course, a wonderful spread...

...that ushered in a very buzzy PORTS 1961- Pre Fall  Press Preview.

Well, based on what we saw---we'd say emphatically that there were plenty of reasons to get the conversations going.

Beginning with our intro to the one year old menswear collection--- 

A "natural evolution," according to the menswear designer VP of menswear, the very stylish himself- Ian Hylton--- his thought for the label "...what does the Ports 1961 man wear?"

Answered with handsome, clean, modern separates---all made in Italy FYI ---but using the luxury fabrics/textiles---of course---sharing that we with the made in China women's label.

Inspired by the born in Germany, Polish sculptor, Igor Mitoraj---who's artistic classical style is noted for its polished, post modern twist of a well defined torso ---

Hylton channeled his "new look at the modern man---with clothes that are built, not designed."

We thought bravo---the details are stunning and subtle---nothing screams out .

Furthermore, the concept of "personal luxury" and the desire to wear clothes that "are closer to my body without wearing a muscle tee," -played into the "lean, aggressive modern silhouettes."
Still manages to be "easy luxury."
Natural and sharp shoulders.

Clean epaulets---

on a belted jacket--- that is amazingly lightweight.

Heavy weight silk linings---hidden luxury- and
...note the narrow pants---cuffed though other pants will "be easier in the thighs."

A double faced camel hair coat---that is as wearable as a sweater. Fabulous.

TBD "shoes in the works."

Hylton deeply feels "that's what modern dressing is today," this trend on elegance, emphasis on spotless tailoring...

He joked that he did not like to talk about himself---when we asked his background. 

We feel however, Hylton better get the gift of easy one liners going---as he'll be doling out plenty of interviews based on the sample collection we saw.

Deliveries---around June 1st cities like London, NYC, Milan, Paris menswear stores
PORTS 1961