Wednesday, November 17, 2010

BLANC de CHINE 2011 Spring/Summer Collection

"The Mesmerizing Haziness"

673 Fifth Avenue NYC

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Blanc de Chine (French--for the refined Chinese White Porcelain FYI)---is a premium priced, fashion label that fuses the best of Chinese sensibilities and aesthetics---with modern elements that could broadly appeal to worldly consumers.

Fall 2010 looks

An intimate runway show was recently staged for Editors on the second floor of the luxury brand's 2nd floor boutique in midtown Manhattan.

The thematic inspiration was based on Chinese ancient legend on the earth's creation.

For women---the "cosmic egg" shape---we thought --- cocoon like----was well done for the tops. In fact most ensembles featured graceful jackets and blouses precisely, geometrically shaped, that moved well on the models---paired with black pants. Flowing elegance..."traditional and timeless."

Semi-transparent fabrics, multi-layered chiffons and silks made for some striking silhouettes.

The last few looks that featured shimmering evening wear...are made of colorful digital prints---made into body hugging silhouettes.

Menswear featured a lot of Eastern collars---a look we don't figure to sell particularly well with Americans.

Having said that---the fabrics---silks, summer wools and man-made fibers draped well...and we figure a lot of native Chinese who might favor the Mandarin collars ---might shop at this well as the shops in Hong Kong and Beijing.

INFO: Blanc de Chine