Thursday, October 14, 2010


MAC & MILK West 15th Street, NYC

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Well, the party was started...and we thought, that's a pretty good gig, hang out in comfy clothes, look cool, drink beer, stand around--- chatting up your mates.

Inspired by the early 90's Grunge  of America's northwest, headquartered in the Pearl Jam/Nirvana home base of Seattle,  as reinterpreted by "the young men in the just-liberated Warsaw of the early seventies,"
...New York based Tim Hamilton offered lean silhouettes ("industrial lounge") for themodern guy with feet firmly planted in this year.

Liked the textiles...mostly natural--- made from mesh, Japanese dry cotton, linen-blend terry cloth, twill and PVC coated cotton...

We thought it all added up to trend-on looks that guys would actually wear---including the knee length slim fitting shorts...a valid alternative to board shorts. And masculine enough for the regular guy.

 We also liked the color palette too---faded shades with the urban friendly, grey...and blanched plaids and color blocks.


                                                           Courtesy of Lacoste Footwear

Tim Hamilton also debuted his collaboration with Lacoste Footwear...part of the Legends Collection--- Power of 12 Project that tasks 12 creative type individuals form the arts, music, fashion and media conjure a shoe design that pays homage to the founder, French tennis legend René Lacoste and the recently released special 12:12 polo, Hamilton's take---High tops in special finish gave a military edge to the kickers...that launch 12:12...December 12th 2010.

Added note---the tongue of all the shoes will be made from the cotton material of the polo...connecting the dots, so-to-speak.