Sunday, October 24, 2010


Words/Images Judith Ecochard

We ALL can be California girls with these fun separates that ROXY is kicking out to stores starting now...

Warm jackets ---shiny takes on the bomber/our fav---others so cozy like these with fake fur hoods lined with fleece...linings in faded plaids...

some with bold zippers...side snaps...edge on.

Puffed nylon jackets in snow white...

...still mad for plaid but updated with a vintage, been faded in the sun tone.

The most eye catching---the tops, leggings

This is urban friendly---weather worthy anorak in black

 Pretty pink drawstring hoody---sweet flower print...

Denim---roughed up and super comfy

 Footwear---lined hiking boot style lace-ups---and over the knee cuff boots...keep that Roxy gal warm on the snow.

We thought this chain link shoulder bag downright chic.

Hats---we love the black beret topper with studs given out to preview attendees (as well as the soft ruffled scarf that brightens up our tee/denim uniform)

---we get plenty of compliments as will this mens style banded fedora.

Our new BFF stroke a pose---here with oversized satchels...

FUN FAUX FUR VEST---with Black zip

Garments---we don't think we saw a thing over $98---with most separates priced far lower...

(Grabbed off the LookBook -Courtesy of Roxy)

THESE RIDES---surfboards, that is...cost far more however. Something a true ROXY GIRL might want to splurge on. IMHO.