Thursday, October 14, 2010


MAC & MILK, West 15th Street NYC

WOrds/Images judith Ecochard

A Proposal For A Wardrobe

Disparate parts of a wardrobe were thoughtfully hanging from an artful display---for Julian Louie’s carefully wrought collection.

Interior decorations mixed with a trip to Indonesia played into this collection.

Tribal and ikat prints jumped out against the neutral tones… in suede platform shoes and separates.

Architectural skirts were prominent…angled, asymetrical planes of fabrics----here with a haircloth detail ---usually found in the lining of a men’s jacket.

Long sleeve crepe de chine shirts with banded collar and a earthy clay tank paired with a silk georgette calf length skirt…

Sophisticated and subtle.

We ddin’t really see up close---but apparently there were tribal bead and mylar tassel single earrings hanging up too.

The run of show given as thick like a daily newspaper---showed the looks together on models…showing the wardrobe as a whole entity

As shown…we could see how versatile the pieces are…

When we were there, the room was empty, a direct contrast to the swarming scene just outside the room.

Here is the designer, in punchy pink hair ---thoughtfully explaining his MO.