Saturday, September 4, 2010



Bold Graphics/Eco Chic/Smart Design-Bottles & Boxes

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Don’t think carrying water and food in re-usable, eco friendly haulers--- can’t be a fashion statement.
 (Taken @ Salt Lake Palace Convention Center)

That is certainly true with Stanley (the one’s that make the CLASSIC army green vacuum bottles that are so vintage--- they’re cool again ---especially the 8oz rust free forever Flask)….

...and Aladdin, around since 1908 ---making those character lunch boxes and other ‘lifestyle’ products that are very 21st century.

At a media event, we had a relaxed chance to take in the new containers---


The 32oz Carbonated Drink Bottle by Stanley (in different color waves)---with a special dome feature “that handles the pressure” --- and keeps drinks cold for 3+hours.

We had a nice chat with product manager, “Eric” pictured here looking positively angelic…but had us laughing when he told us the inspiration was that “…guys like beer and we wanted to make something…a new way to enjoy…that won’t sweat away the cold (leak proof and won’t water down soda/beer)….breaks down (easy recycle)…and private.”

Needless to say, every media person, and working individual at this event grabbed one pronto----

PLUS: Dishwasher safe, double wall lid, finger loop and clip handle (handy)….and is totally recycle-able and easy to disassemble. 

And made from 25% post consumer plastic that uses less energy to make. Part of Stanley’s eCycle story (
The outside zip insulation seems versatile enough for other bottles too. And the wide mouth opening handles ices or tap fill easy.

We were told, this “More Love For Your Suds” container ships October  ($24) just in time for tailgate times across America.


The trendy line of graphics slick hydration H2O stainless steel water bottles now are one handed push to open/close. And residue free (meaning no BPA lining)---fits car and sized for bike cages for on the go. And very cool---($20)

Also new for the Nineteen 13--- are the stainless steel matching man and earth friendly, crush proof lunch boxes ($24). Lined with recycled eCycle® plastic liner and made for disassembly---for easy recycle, should it come to that. Actually, we would carry our make-up and beauty tools around in these…durable, easy to clean, and has the whole metallic thing going for it.



Sustainable lunch box and liquid containers and a color-coordinated grocery/meal bag---in female friendly colors…are immensely cute, AND priced from $10-$20---incredibly affordable.

No wonder they’re sold at Targets among other places.

AND...ADESSO STAINLESS STEEL 10oz/16oz works of art---($30)