Sunday, September 5, 2010


“…the right gear to outsmart the threats that may lay in wait.”

Outdoor Retailer, SLC

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Call it the knock on wood way of life, but as world travelers who are even born/bred the Big Apple before it got Guliani-ized---we’ve never been ripped off…with an only attempt on a local non air-con bus in Singapore of all places.

So yeah, we ooze street savvy --- but sometimes its tough to keep gear secure---no matter what.

We were impressed with PacSAFE, a Hong Kong born company with an enormous product line of holders, wallets, backpacks, urban and leisure bags, accessories etc embedded with security focused proprietary know-how---.And clearly works.

First off, the eXomesh® is their patented anti-theft technology--- claim to fame ---is a strong, lightweight, flexible, high-tensil stainless steel, slash proof wire mesh that’s in a cage system (closes and locks to a secure fixture with a heavy duty locking device-externally fitted-or laminated between fabric…

Or built into areas of the bags targeted by bag slashers, (bottom, side panels). We were reminded of chicken wire in a way---but a modern, bumped up version of this classic backpacker item.

One of our most pricey items we tend to haul around is our camera.

For that PacSafe developed the Camsafe™ series of camera shoulder bags ($79/99-$109.99).

With eXomesh® slashguard panels built in, as well as lockable and slashproof Carrysafe™ straps and built-in combination locks to lock zippers closed (Smart Zipper Security™)---or even to secure to a fixture---say when hanging out at some far-flung bus station at 3am and the zzzzzzs kick in…

PLUS: The pockets we need---padded compartments, internal slip pockets, mesh pockets…etc, made from 400D nylon, banlin, and high-tensile stainless steel wire.

Frankly, we were most dazzled by the customizable padded camera insert (11 total compartments $69.99) for the Dufflesafe™ 100---for the ultimate secure camera bag---

Inserts also available for the Daysafe™200 and Travelsafe™ 20L equipment haulers.


All secured down via Velcro® strips…topped off with a padded lid held down with a compression strap.


Camera Bag protectors---like the neat Pacsafe C25L stealth™ for the ultimate piece of mind.

Basically this is a black, non-descript/discreet sack with the patented lightweight eXomesh™ technology built in that is so tightly made---that nothing can slide through the protection is the bag covering  is slashed.

This “bag” itself is secured further by a heavy duty locking cable and device which secures it shut--- and to a secure fixture if need be.. It is also made of water resistant, dust and dirt protective fabric. 

ADDED PLUS: Folds down and packable into a carrying pouch or attach to another hauler.

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