Wednesday, September 1, 2010




Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Some designers are whipping Fall/Winter, Spring/Summer collections and now Cruise, Pre-Spring, and Holiday to keep the merchandise fresh, the retailers happy, the consumers engaged and an acknowledgement that international selling labels require different clothes for different weather conditions.

Chain stores, especially have to keep the zippy inventory rolling in…

Lately the buzz also includes this capsule collections in partnership with big name designers…with clothes/accessories with some panache of said fashion gurus ----served up at accessible price points.

Neutral/jewel tones easy on the eye and easy to mix n' match. Love the white in winter too

On a printed page or a computer screen ---2D---the items look sleek/chic/trendy. But in person, at the store, reality begs to intrude....the clothes/shoes can be really yech--- poorly made, with cheap fabrics and construction values right outta kindergarten. With apologies to the five/six years old that have just been insulted.

Lots of trousers---with side pockets that lay flat on the hips---tapered and boot cut.

We mention the aforementioned because sometimes the real deals in fashion come from unexpected places. Case in point.

THE LIMITED is known for its contemporary clothing line---a private label that’s been liberated form a humongous conglomerate as of late. We don’t think we have been in one of their stores in years…and couldn’t tell  off hand, where there is one in Manhattan.

That’ll change.

LACE=in a sleeveless frock very chic.

We were more than impressed with the Holiday Collection…that we saw with a Life is Sweet theme...

And certainly the preview was.

First off--- these garments and accessories can be shipped now though they won't hit for two more months ---

Trenches, slouchy hobo satchel, dark hose-classics

Tweed skirts in great colors---matchy matchy mutt attire

Every major trend for Fall 2010 was on display…stylishly interpreted for casual days off  (blazers, rolled denim, wool shorts, textured tights, slouchy wrap cardigans----

and office hours on---trousers, grown-up blouses, tapered shifts, delicate knits with ruffles, suits, pencil skirts…plus some glittery cocktail frocks.

Black tab side pockets slanted to flatter---with matching black hose.

The quality is fantastic…fabrics like the camel wool blends are as smooth and lightweight as cashmere…in double breast classics----

This fantastic leather jacket---with a feminine ruffle hem makes this edgy staple suitable for all occasions…with denim, a pencil skirt, and even a strapless silky LBD.

We were thinking of the chic Faye Dunaway in the classic 70’s flicks like Network, Chinatown etc…polished elegance. Trousers, blouses, heels,---but updated for now.

This white pantsuit with peaked shoulder blazer and low slung trousers is straight out of a Tom Ford’s heyday with Gucci from the mid 90’s. 

And guess what---the seams lay flat, patterned plaids match up on the side, hefty decorative metal buttons…the details we expect from higher priced lines. Are here.


Oversized totes, the feminine two handle purse, chains---everywhere, quilted lady-like handbags, cross body saddle shape haulers...

Jewelry ---multi-strand STATEMENT necklaces, cocktail rings, over-sized colored stone bracelets to show off .

Infinity scarves---those doughnut shaped neck wraps---in assorted cozy warm fabrics, that are as stylish as they are insulating, Cascading hang loose or toss seductively over one's shoulder.

Sequins---tastefully done in this lightweight peach pale cowl neck knit…a true versatile piece that goes with everything--- the denim, a MAD MEN-ish gathered skirt, silk tuxedo pants with the stilettos, a fedora...

Lifestyle separates to mix and match--- 


We actually chatted a bit with Elliot Staples, the leading light behind the creative side of The Limited. "Wearable" "Affordable" "Up-dated Classics" the words that came up. It's a real re-branding...and one that is more than sweet. It's smart.

FYI: Coats top out at $180, Leather Jackets $129...the priciest pieces.