Thursday, September 23, 2010


WHAT WE DID ON TUESDAY NIGHT ---was have a total blast--- at a packed house party honoring our ‘go to’ eatery in Chelsea, The Half King.

… A bar (30 feet!)/restaurant---that manages to pour the beer right, provide really healthy, fresh ingredients' embedded dishes… and shut down every artery, one at a time kind of dig-in bar food--- that we crave, comfy décor made from salvaged barn wood, an outdoors hang in the front and back…

That all adds up and serves up a perennially hip spot,without trying--- like the surrounding flavors of the moment other joints in the hood.

The Half King was co-founded and is co-owned by best selling author (War, The Perfect Storm) and Award Winning-Grand Jury Prize@Sundance 2010/ Film Producer PLUS (Restrepo--- about the Army’s Second Platoon/173rd in Afghanistan---that a review consisting of the two words,  “heart pounding and amazing” is an understatement)
--- Sebastian Junger --- (we read somewhere--- cause he wanted a place to hang out between writing gigs---very smart)


Co-Owner-Documentary leading light (American Teen),  Nanette Brunstein, now with the added title--- Director--- of the recently released feature film- Going The Distance- with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long.


Co-Owner, Veteran War Correspondent, author of an article published here and not there, novelist Scott Anderson (Triage)
 (S. Junger, N. Burnstein, & S. Anderson by R. Cole)

Gee, you think they have day jobs?

We met executive chef Gregory Baumel (above center) and Manager Sinead Duell (below-on right--- with a fan)---who couldn’t have been more gracious.

Perfect drinks—our choice Brooklyn Lager, Boddingtons and Guinness (on tap, naturally), full octane cocktails, eats and an Irish band added to the night’s festivities.

And a nice, mixed type of crowd. A relief because after all, this is THE BIG APPLE.
 (S. Junger---with happy patrons)

As we told Junger…we were thrilled with the invitation (as was our posse)… BUT hang out there anyway---as it’s right off the elevated Manhattan destination Highline Park, a great pit-stop post a strenuous workout at the Chelsea Piers bowling alley when we are in our Big Lebowski clothes, or after running/riding the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway (in our somewhat clean/drippy gear), or as an easy place to meet our stylish arty gal pals and suit wearing soccer playing buddies who live down there.

We figure that the owners probably don’t view themselves as entrepreneurial biz types, which they are as proprietors and employers…

Whatever. We’re glad it exists.

505 West 23rd Street---Just off 10th Avenue

FYI: The Half King was an 18th century Seneca Chief

Added Plus: Readings, Rotating Artwork on the walls, Cooking Parties for the skilled and the meaningfully culinary challenged (us).

Words,Images Judith Ecochard and by R. Cole / Rob Rich.