Sunday, September 5, 2010


Outdoor Retailer, SLC

Made with 100% Recycled re PeTe™ fabric, ChicoBag™’s  mission to “reduce single-use bag waste” manifests itself in the most stylish, easy to fold up and stash away type of messenger bags , totes, backpacks…

We have some form of a ChicoBag™ in our go-to haulers---gym bag, on board luggage, every day tote etc.

Just out are Produce Bags---the first reusable line too---designed to keep the humidity and air flowing going to keep fruits and vegetables healthy.

One in Hemp Cotton for leafy greens/beans is 70% hemp, 30% cotton blend designed to absorb moisture and restrict airflow..., and two rePete™ ones---mesh for apples (to let ethylene gas gas out), and regular for squash, broccoli, carrots etc etc.

Sold in a kit for all three bags or for 3 Hemp Cotton or rePete™ ($11.99-$14.99) it’s a neat way to store the good stuff.

ALSO NEW: The new Sternum strap now made from recycled materials (99%). As ChicoBag™’s is one of the few makers of anything to actually label the percentage of recycled materials in its haulers, the company’s efforts to source this connecter is impressive.

PLUS; A smaller DAYPACK bag that’s a bit more curvy in shape---and female friendly. (95% recycled contents!!!!).