Thursday, August 26, 2010


(Though Count On Your Kids Raiding Your Closet)


Words, Trade Show Images Judith Ecochard

Outdoor Retailer --- SLC

Reaching back into the archives for nowadays kind of inspiration---has been going on in fashion/accessories since the Greeks walked around wearing draped togas---a “look” that’s inspired les couturières for centuries.

Walking around Outdoor Retailer trade show, we noticed many eye-catching ‘so old it’s cool again’ haulers/accessories from some of the more ‘vintage’ labels in the outdoors/performance biz. And happily, we think, any guy/gal above the youthquake age would look A- OK carrying around...and match up just fine with their   21st century attire.

Jansport, now part of the VF Corporation ("We Fit Your Life")---has been stitching up backpacks since 1967.

In 2008, they’ve introduced the popular Heritage series (“…that embodies a culture of fun and discovery”)--- including the Country Flag emblazoned bunch of backpacks.

Soon to hit the market is the intro of more countries’ flags on the vintage trapezoid shape…with Italy, Stars and Stripes, Mexico and Canada joining the other nations, like Japan.

Available in limited editions---at select stores (and online we found for $55)...we think these backpacks are very hip, actually. And durable enough to survive the trials of mass transit.

INFO- including the smart brick and mortar stores that picked up the line: JANSPORT HERITAGE

KELTY is know as the affordable/reliable brand of outdoor gear that casual day hikers and demanding mountain adventurers can both haul stuff in (day, overnight, and tech packs including military), sleep in (tents, sleeping bags), cook on (camping equipment and furniture) etc.
Cargo Drum-$44.95-$54.95

Well, we just got to the exhibit and zero-ed right in on the re-issued Heritage packs from Kelty.

Featuring metal zips, full grain leather, metal buckles (very old school---as modern day tech heavy packs don’t want the weight), and tough, long lasting Cordura® fabric…(From $44.95-$124)

The display had the originals next to the reissues.

Ships January 2011 so we were told. Even in our notes, we scrawled “LOVE.” We think---not out of place at Barney's or REI.

Always one of our favorite labels for AUTHENTIC weatherproof jackets, long coats, button downs, pants, vests…KAKADU has always stood for real deal construction, design and materials straight outta Australia’s Outback but decidedly city slick...for years.
No models this line---these guys sporting plenty of 'tude- are the founders of this family business.

With the wall of hats that retailers at this show were ordering by the dozens. ($49-$79 per)

We loved the heavy canvas, leather trim messenger bags, overnighters…versatile satchels. Some even have hidden pockets for rifles…as these carry-alls are functional too. ($69 for small duffel- $99 Backpack, up to $149 for Book Tote)

 Zipped shoulder strap...nice detail