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Words/Tradeshow Images Judith Ecochard

Hot fun in the summer time doesn’t mean damaged skin.

As we embrace the Tri life (swim, bike run=FUN)…we’ve met a lot of veterans of these "competitions” (in quotes cause one is really competing against oneself, if that---unless a Pro/Elite).

Some gals who do these things, impress…as they finish often for charity fund raising $--- or to prove to themselves that they can “Just Do IT.

And waiting around for Transition to re-open so we can get our bikes (aka the ones worth more than our cars)---is when we notice other things.


Yeah, some ladies sure can do those Dolphin dives cutting through the ocean waves…but those years on the beach without hardcore sunscreen ---really REALLY shows. On their skin. Really badly speckled, wrinkled, spotted.

PLUS: Sunscreens made of chemicals and with preservatives like parabens---wash off into the ocean (lakes, etc). And how can that not be damaging to the fragile eco-system-like delicate coral reefs- of what lies beneath.

With the aforementioned motivators, (anti-damaged, spot free skin, eco-friendly positive)…we have been trying out the all-natural, FREE of chemical emulsifiers/petro chemicals, preservative, synthetic fragrances ---and broad spectrum, UVA/UVB protection sunscreens to see if they hold up in race conditions.

ELEMENTAL HERBS  (“Herbal Healing Everyday”) is one of our favorite companies for protective skin stuff. We used their All Good Goop™ organic, calendula laden healer on a tiny facial burn we got this week from a splattering grill (chefs we’re not)…and within three days, our peau healed without a trace of our culinary skills.

We also demo-ed the white thick lotion, all natural, chemical/preservative free SPORT SPF 20+ SUNSCREEN during a recent sprint distance triathlon we did---

We applied the lotion that comes in an easy squeeze tube, right after we got marked up…and only got to reapply after we finished and indulged in some post race noshing---all told a two and a half hour length of time.

The sunscreen smoothed on pronto, and we used copious amounts---way more than the one shot glass dose derms recommend.

The Elemental Herbs Sport left a very sheer white film on our skin---not Casper the Friendly Ghost kind, but noticeable. We couldn’t care less ---though we felt the white cast actually faded within about 20 minutes---

And we knew that the active ingredient Zinc Oxide 25% is the non-nanoparticle kind.

(We found this article on the web about the possible adverse effects of the of the nano particle zinc oxide)

Happily, we went burn free for the entire time…and never felt the need to reapply at all during the triathlon---and it was a cloudless sunny day, mid-80’s.

About $8.99.

What’s New:

A handy Sunstick SPF+ 30 that’s unscented too...pictured above.

ALL TERRAIN’s broad range UVA/UVB sun protection AquaSport SPF+30  comes in a very handy spray version…and is paba and paraben free too…

We’ve written up some ALL TERRAIN’s products recently. 

PLUS:We tried this press down, pump bottle--- on a hike--- on an insanely warm day where we felt like we coulda’ used a shower every 300 ft of vertical ascent. The ease of use---just spray…really helps as well as protects. We had it in the side mesh pocket cozied up next to our water bottle.

W.S BADGER ( is one of the grandaddy’s of using USDA certified organic plant extracts in their products---a label that btw-requires effort/time/and authenticity to get. Not a green washed moniker by any means.

We love--- in Rose---the super moisturizing, double ended (one with Opal Shimmer)--- tinted lip balms that get their feminine shades from minerals. 

At $6.50 these longlasting lip smackers are a bargain.

New For 2010 is the SPF 30 SUNSCREEN ALL SEASON FACE STICK…that provides borad spectrum UVA/UVB protection in a travel friendly stick.

We actually keep ours in the outside compartment of our every day satchel…and slap on this 75% USDA Certified Organic ingredients plus 22.5% Zinc Oxide loaded product---on our hands, on the tip or our nose etc---whenever we feel we need extra block without the mess.

A 0.65 oz stick costs $8.50 …and is available now.

FYI: Customer service staffed with live humans (aka Badgers) 800-603-6100.