Wednesday, August 18, 2010


True Story.

We got soooo tired of teasing we endured--- over Les Bleus---the French Football Team's performance (or lack thereof) during the World Cup last June...that we figured if the games were all draws, and it came down to first spouses...France would win with the fabulous, IMHO Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

And the response we got from a USA pal (Irish background)---a MASSIVE footy fanatic:

"Fair enough."

So with that settled, it's no surprise that the French luxe, family run, plant based, hair treatment brand Leonor Greyl, with divine smelling products--- has been given their own script (metaphorically speaking)---on the Parisian film set of Woody Allen's latest flick, 

--- pampering the locks of the well deserved,  stellar female cast.

And that a die-hard NYer, is entangled in the wonders of the City of Lights--- for his latest cinematic oeuvre starring the Gallic First Lady, and the awesomely accomplished thespians--- Marion Cotillard, Rachel Mc Adams, and Kathy Bates.

The LG miracle healers, that repair, moisturize, nourish and boost the shine, without sulfates and parabens--- include SHAMPOOING REVIVISCENCE and the rich MASQUE FLEURS DE JASMINE---that are the popular picks--- helping all get ready for their close-ups. 

And as we said many times, we feel it's the smaller, privately owned beauty companies, that time and time again---have the best, most effective products.