Monday, July 12, 2010



Extreme Anti-Wrinkle Regenerating Night Eye Contour & Extreme Anti-Wrinkle Regenerating Night Care

HUDSON HOTEL West 58th Street, NYC

Words, Images Judith Ecochard

IT's a moment for us to dig through our closets for white attire… ensuring entrance to a Societé Perrier’s Tuesday night, Hudson Hotel's soireé --- where Orlane reserved some bubbly champagne laden tables for beauty mavens.


Orlane is still a privately held company. This matters --- IMHO- smaller, French owned skincare companies effortlessly combine scientific technology with natural ingredients, marine or plant based..

-and launch of new beauty regimes are rightfully infrequent…and therefore very special---with products that takes eons of research…

When cult favorite brands get bought over, well there goes the quality, usually.

Not so here.

Orlane collected measurements from “biomedical research tools” that recorded how the largest organ we have, behaves so-to-speak, over a time period.

Results showed that at night, heat dispersion by the skin increases. This phenomenon sees our skin cells programmed to more readily absorb active ingredients as we sleep.

Violà---a targeted treatment for gals over 40---who are feeling the effects of hormone depletion, everyday stress, life experiences (as in beach sojourns sans protection), and other lifestyle/environmental wonders---that impact it all.

We tried out the Extreme Anti-Wrinkle Regenerating Night Care
 ----a white, rich cream---  that comes in an elegant blue frosted jar. It’s texture…is moisturizing, not greasy--- and easily absorbed toute de suite.

HINT=a little goes a long way.

Packed with repairing, moisturizing elements (“DERMO REPAIR”)---the list of ingredients reads like a medical document, including … “neuromodulating peptides, (refreshes/relaxes)” vitamin B21 complex, (moisturize, regenerate skin cells), and a exclusive blend of caffeine/escin (toxin elimination, stimulates blood and lymph circulation)…

Which sounds good…but ALSO actually had postive measurable effects on 100 percent of test subjects---for wrinkle reduction and improved skin elasticity (from disappearing OXYTALAN FIBERS)--- sagging, we feel, is more telling of age.

PLUS: The Extreme Anti-Wrinkle Regenerating Night Eye Contour is fragrance free---thereby useable by us sensitive types who are tired of having to desperately splash cold water onto our eyeballs after trying yet the latest peeper miracle worker.

One tiny squirt out of the airless pump was enough---as we patted the super light cream/lotion right under our sockets. Absorbed immediately, we like how it felt on our skin...or more accurately, did not feel.

According to Orlane--- a monthly application yields visible results (on average 21% reduction in wrinkles---on a their surface area (26%)---…and more after two and a half months--- 
 ORLANE 's host...and living proof the products work...she has the most amazing skin.

That is really something for an over the counter, non-surgical treatment.

INFO ON ALL THE STATS is available on Orlane’s website.

NOTE: Available exclusively at select Bloomingdales and Neiman’s or online.

Bon soir to you--- Monsieur---a doorman at the typically French