Sunday, July 25, 2010


Plus---MBTs Rocker Shoes Gone Glam

G-Shock Showroom, Mulackstr 32 Berlin-Mitte

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Less elite, concept driven, and strong visuals are thoughts that come to mind when we think of the German label STARSTYLING (that’s an ironic moniker, FYI)---

Helmed by Katja Schlegel and Kai Seifried (and their ever present dog who’s name we didn’t catch)

…we thought the label’s creation of individual wristbands for the G-Shock watches = “playful non-conformism” and a form of wearable art---at it’s best.

We met the designers at the debut exhibition--- just a few U-Bahn stops from the Bebelplatz Tent ---where their RTW show was to be held.

“Everything went on time,” the duo told us---when we asked what’s it is like to work for such a well-known brand.

WHAT: Riffs on the basic GLS-5600L-1ER and GLS-5600L-4ER G-Shock watches with colorful, themed results…

---bold tones, strong graphics, tongue in cheek thematic names like Agate, Scooby, Laminator, Lace, Fringe, etc---.

Materials used to customize the wristbands include raw denim with holographic prints, sanded wood beads, Velcro fabrics, jewels and bast fiber….

PLUS: How cool is this…every wristband design comes with a matching t-shirt and an “accessory” in bold packaging one will want to keep.

Afterwards, we took a stroll down the block to the Starstyling Boutique (Mulackstr 4), a tourist destination in and of itself. 

Presently stocked with the S/S 2010 collection, we had a nice chat with Robert, a New York native---who is a perfect hire for the label.

We could not believe the MBTs we saw…as this Swiss label’s rocker style shoes tend to skew towards the functional end of marketing in the USA.

If one wants these sparkling glam kickers, customized by Starstyling---they are only for sale here.

FYI; G-Shock is owned by Casio Computer Ltd.

Or for boutiques and stores that carry these practically indestructible watches.

CLUTZY?????: the G-Shock watches are shock resistant, full auto-calendar, 20-bar water resistant, EL backlight, Multi-Alarms, Stopwatch etc