Friday, July 16, 2010



Fifth Avenue, NYC

Words Judith Ecochard/Images Courtesy of Borghese

BORGHESE’s welcoming CEO and Chairman (and, FYI a very savvy business woman)--- Georgette Mosbacher--- glamorously greeted the media---
--- for the scoop on the new Borghese Fango mud treatments—

And a playful new advertising campaign featuring Brazilian models (not pumped up types)---provocatively posing the question: “DO YOU FANGO?”

WHAT: Borghese is ‘IT” for mineral rich, nutrient loaded Fango mud. 

With masks that “detoxify…tone…hydrate…soothe…firm…nourish…replenish...” depending on the type of product selected...the special mud is sourced from the acclaimed volcanic Tuscan Hills and inculcated with an Acqua di Vita® Complex (hydration).

On this festive occasion, the newer Borghese mud treatments were available to sample (and all we note, pleasantly scented):

                  A pink,Brillante Brightening,” that brightens/clarifies complexions with Vitamin A & Citrus Unishiu Peel Extract,

…and a blue "Restorativo Hydrating" version to perk up dull skin with Tahitian Sea Water and nourishes/replenishes the skin with vital marine nutrients, softening Murumuru Butter.

Plus---there’s the green Delicate Active Mud for ---well delicate dry skin that needs soothing…as well as the original detoxifying/toning brown Active Mud for Face and Body.

What we use the most---is the divine smelling (really) Active Mud For Hair and Scalp, a conditioning treatment that has green tea and a protein complex that leaves our hair feeling healthy and strengthens our stressed hair follicles. We slather this on and sit in a steam room for about 15 minutes…and rinse off…followed by a detangler. It really moisturizes our chlorine frazzled locks.

Interesting--- Borghese masks work quickly and stay wet to the touch…so unlike other at home applications, there is no drying involved…and we only need 5-10 minutes for the full effects…just wipe off with a damp washcloth.

LOVE: The classic, iconic solid glass jar!

Smartly, the company is reaching out to a younger consumer too via social media outlets- like Facebook with a “DO YOU FANGO” tagline---that underscores the sexy new ad campaign shot by photographer Alan Cresto for Agency 212.

We think---mission accomplished---it's obvious the models are wearing nothing except their Fango mud---yet we doubt that Americans will be offended.

PLUS: This 25 years old product(s) are just part of this high-end company’ s full line of skincare goodies.


Hostess Georgette Mosbacher recounted for her guests how this “iconic extraordinary brand is an adventure for me.”

From a modest background in Indiana, she reflected on her “You’ve Come Along Way Baby” life. We were floored by the fact that she has memorized her credit card numbers so she "never carries a purse" around...unlike every guest from NYC who was hauling their lives around in oversized satchels.

We also applaud her genuine sincerity when she introduced the “outstanding, quality people at her side…” including a special shout-out to her housekeeper. Bravo.
Neil Petrocelli and Georgette Mosbacher

BONUS: “There is nothing like Mother Nature and natural ingredients that have stood the test of time…” Mosbacher noted.

This isn’t a gimmick.” (Referencing the Fango mud masks).
We concur.

CODA: The cocktail festivities concluded with Mosbacher’s reminder that “freedom isn’t free…” with a special mention of the fund raising, spearheaded by Honorary Chairman Arnold Fisher---of the Fallen Heroes Fund --- for the VA’s new state of the art,  $65 million treatment center for veterans with traumatic brain injuries/post-trauma stress disorder--- the National Intrepid Center of Excellence for Psychological Help and Traumatic Brain Injury.