Wednesday, June 23, 2010



Without the ad campaigns using big time celebrity faces or backed by company conglomerates, it’s hard to make a dent in the competitive beauty/grooming/haircare marketplace.

The products have to have a unique angle, be well priced. And work (duh).

MENSCIENCE, a cleanly packaged line of skin and body care aimed at the guys, is one of the more successful word of mouth brand, out there…with plenty of pro-athletes using their products and distribution in high end retail stores.

The company’s Hairstyling Gel and Pomade are fairly new to the market…and we sampled both, as did our other half.

Easy to apply on wet and somewhat drier hair, we dabbed two quarter size squirts of the Gel that’s alcohol free -MAJOR DEAL for dried out frazzled locks - throughout our very long hair, using our fingers…with our guy needing only a dime size on his medium length hair.

Both our heads dried cleanly ---and our wavy hair felt like it would stay put in the steamy simmer weather we’ve been having…and it actually did just that, courtesy of ingredients like glycerin and moisturizing Panthenol (Vitamin B5).

Plus we could run our fingers through our hair without a crunchy feel, but with a soft touch…and the finish was also shiny.

The Hairstyling Pomade ($22), we feel requires a bit of finesse--- as to the ideal amount to rub on without appearing to be greasy. Used on dry hair for short or medium lengths, the goal is to achieve a  “flexible style that’s retouchable throughout the day.”

We tried a dab, warmed it up in the palms of our hands, then with a quick up down rub, our fingers were able to lightly distribute the products from roots to ends on our entire head…though one can use this Pomade in a targeted area, for definition (piecy/chunky) and contrast. Light in feel, not gunky yech, it was easy to apply.

The finish was matte in effect…with a strong hold, …and we can see really curly haired guys just loving this. And it smells decent too…

Both products are available online --- MENSCIENCE

RdK-RIO DE KERATIN is an at home Brazilian Keratin Treatment that will be launched by the same people that own the very popular Lasio Hair Salon in NYC’s East Village.

A real time saver to gals with frizzy hair who otherwise spend their lives blow drying and straightening, we know many women who even color their locks regularly…who swear by the Brazilian Keratin Treatments to keep their wavy/curly hair looking silky shining smooth…it;s that safe to use.


Making this treatment to the masses in an affordable, accessible, idiot proof home application way, the kit comes with the treatment product...and easy to understand written instructions that are enclosed.

Safe to use too…it’s a multi-step process (basically wash hair, evenly saturate hair with product, blow dry, flat iron---and don’t even think about getting wet for 24 hours)--- that gets the same effects as the in-salon treatments…and lasts about a month.

We can see even salon go-ers, extending the length that the professional treatment lasts…as the both ways gradually wash out. AVAILABLE IN AUGUST

EIGHT Body Skincare and Moisturizers hail from the heartland, Oklahoma…and is a loving assortment of fragrant scrubs and gels that sooth skin.

The story behind the brand is heart warming, as the DNA of the company began back in 1944 when “like Rosie The Riveter” Vicki Weaver-Payne’s mom, Wanda Burns, toiled in the factory during World War II and concocted a rather genius remedy for her increasingly dry skin.

Over the kitchen sink, no less ---stored in gallon jugs.

Jump forward, Eight was launched with great encouragement form local users of home-grown product…

And, is named for the eight main goodies: Aloe Vera: (increases moisture by binding water to the epidermis), Vitamin E: (fights aging free radicals and tones sagging skin), Jojoba Oil: (promotes healthy new cell growth), Evening Primrose Oil: (reduces inflammation and repairs damaged cells), Monoi Oil: (softens and re-hydrates parched skin), Lavender Oil: (balances skin and calms irritation), Emu Oil: (plumps skin and boosts collagen production) and Apricot Kernel Oil: (nourishes and restores skin elasticity).

The natural oils relaxing Lavender and invigorating Ginger Lime infuse the Body Sugar Scrubs (mild enough for everyday use), body washes and creamy moisturizers with a delicious fragrance…that Weaver- Payne explained to us, dissipates so as not to interfere with a women’s own perfume.

She also is a major advocate of dry brushing the skin ---to get rid of the dead skin cells and aids circulation…and sells a kit for just that “essential step.”


We really liked the packaging too…a Chanel-ish black/white.