Tuesday, May 25, 2010



With F/W 2010 clothes imminently hitting retail shelves --- in an economy going two steps forward, one step back…. 

---we think a wide range of guys are eager to get some new attire to fit the better moods of their work day worlds, gainfully employed.

Well, SIMON SPURR is a label that's probably going to be found in more and more closets…

When we took our spot at the West 18th Street/Altman Building for English born, New York based Simon Spurr’s RTW Fall 2010 show on Valentine’s Day, we knew we were in for The Big Time--- as much of the top heap of the masthead from the Fashion Bible, Vogue--- were seated front row and center. (And yes, ‘they’ are always on time, entourage free, and splendidly attired).

Here’s why the heavy-weight (metaphor) crowd…

Want meticulously made, Brit swagger perfect suits with artful, youthful surprises…Simon Spurr showed savvy tailoring at its best…and in fact we heard the inspiration came from Tommy Nutter--- who was a 60s/70s tailor par excellence, credited with re-inventing the Saville Row’s suits’ iconic status …with doses of a “confident” cool guy Guy Ritchie sans Madonna.

Crossing the POND with his own denim-focused label circa 2006…this was the 35-year-old designer’s first runway show.

We could see the Hedi Slimane influence…a man he once toiled for. Slim cuts, jackets stopping at the hip bone…

But we think the American guys we hang with...would wear these clothes before touching a Euro label…and Simon Spurr’s Ralph Lauren Purple/Black label experience---we think---gives many of the ensembles we saw…handsome approachableness…not restricted to the skinny guys under the age of 25…

Especially the longer, solid tone cut suit jackets that Americans favor...though we think a certain type can pull this one off, splendidly.

and the outerwear---like this nautical natty peacoat = dapper!!!!

We had an ORLANDO moment…a top 1992 flick on our seen it list…where star Tilda Swinton majestically appears as a male serving QE I, then female, then a male character, etc. through the years… and as commanded, lives forever.

Meaning, these are the jackets we buy in extra small cause they are magnificent, trend free, beautifully cut…and like that Orlando dude/dudette…are classics that live on our frames forever as long as we maintain our size.

Top looks…strong shoulder double/single-breasted suits with waistcoats (vests)…

(Reminds us of The Prisoner)

leather jackets, 

outerwear coats.

SHOW TIP---Remove protective plastic sheeting from runway prior to show.

RETAIL---At Blue & Cream denim and tees from what we saw online, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney’s…(and the SPURR label is helmed by Tommy Fazio---former Men’s Fashion Director at Bergdorf/Neimans…so we are thinking future trunk shows.