Monday, May 10, 2010


Backstage at the FALL 2010 COLLECTIONS

Words, Images Judith Ecochard

One good thing about being early for backstage interviews…is that we beat the hordes of reporters later.

Our first chat was with Bethany Meuleners MFA Fashion and Knitwear design …who amazingly managed to craft knitwear with chiffon…fused together without seams. “I design with a story,” she told us…”like a girl in her mom’s closet.”

Graduating this month…we think Meulener’s felting technique is incredible.

Nest we met with Hyo Sun (Nicky) MFA Fashion Design, a native South Korean who used wool, wool jersey and rayon jersey for strong shaped items that’s “four dimensional.”

Other adjective Sun employs "continuous volume with no boundaries,” “no decorations,” and “strong wide shoulders.”

Steve Oo MFA Fashion and Knitwear Design hails from Myanmar…and “takes nothing for granted,” when it comes to opportunities.

His labor-intensive separates (with hand crotchet) exemplifies what Oo called “garment architecture” –in this case, pagodas. His inspiration was a “Parisian girl gone cuckoo!”

Saba Mansoor Hussain MFA Fashion and Knitwear Design grew up with a tradition of handicrafts from her native Bangalore, India upbringing.

She laboriously hand crotchet and sewed “everything.” “I began knitting it and over-steamed it by mistake.”

Ornate uses of gemstones, Swarovski crystals, and beads as individually crocheted ‘windows” that were separately made and then sewn together…means a heavy garment. We know, we lifted it.

We bet some retailer snapped up the collection by Marina Solomatnikova MFA Fashion Design…a woman of few words (to us, anyway)…but these clothes (silk organza and a want it suede jacket with petal folds--- our fav)===

=== speak for themselves.

We didn’t get a chance to talk with Naomi Sutton MFA Fashion and Textile Design…who used cotton, silk organza, wool, wool jersey and velvet…for her delicate, feminine prairie silhouettes…(inspired by Laurie Ashley, 19th century undergarments and a childhood on a “hobby” farm).

Model Rebecca Chandler wears a Scottish family heirloom.


Makeup by Victor Cembellin for MAC…with POWERSURGE and COFFEE on the eyes, applied with a brush…for an “elegant, edgy look,” 

SCULPT on the cheekbones, and STUDIO FIX MASCARA. On the lips…NIGHT LOFT” burgundy pencil… applied with a shadow brush.

Hair by AVEEDA using AIR CONTROL and VOLUMIZING TONIC…and LIGHT ELEMENTS to smooth the hair…

Long hair was first put into low ponytails, braided, and tied off with a rubber band…then wrapped into itself and twisted…. by JOHN REYMAN who works at the Aveeda Salon in SOHO.