Thursday, April 15, 2010



Words/ Judith Ecochard

We typically give an eye roll to expressions like “positive energy infused bodycare” ---

...but the eco aware HAPPIOLOGY Collection of skincare is worthy of the new age-y sentiment.

Made by Illume, a company that also has a massive assortment of--- 100% natural soy blends with beeswax and essential oils--- PLUS lead-free cotton wick candles, packaged every which way…

...HAPPIOLOGY has a new Sugar Scrub ($24 for 7oz)---

a welcome addition to a line that includes Energizing Body Butter ($18 for 6oz) and Energizing Body Wash ($18 for 12 oz).

What caught our attention is the ingredients…paraben free and made with certified organic plant extracts.

We tried the YUZU MINT Energizing Body Wash…and not only felt clean (and not dry scrubbed thanks to glycerin)…but also perky--- thanks to the invigorating scent---a fusion of fresh grapefruit, yuzu (an East Asian citrus fruit), eucalyptus, spearmint, peppermint and vanilla.

We followed up with the vitamin packed moisturizing Energizing Body Butter…in BAMBOO AGAVE…that’s an exotic cocktail of certified organic healing aloe leaf, with aromatic blue bamboo, agave leaves, fig and lotus flower…and a hint of natural lemon.

The thick lotion soaked right in ---no greasy feeling here…and smoothed the tough spots like our ankle heels and elbows.

The packaging is pretty, recyclable and phthalate-free… AND it's all affordable at price points just above mass drugstore brands.

ADDED PLUS: Anywhere Travel Tin candles are a portable way to personalize generic hotel rooms…our favorite…Valencia Orange and Blue Ginger...burns about ten hours.

 ILLUME CANDLES AND HAPPIOLOGY SKINCARE - available online and at over 4500 retail outlets.