Tuesday, April 20, 2010



Storm Logic™, Wind Logic™, Rain Logic™ (L-R) 

Outdoor Retailer, SLC UTAH

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

As we mentally start to pack for a South American trek, it amazes us how many Ex Officio separates we own---that fall into the well edited, gotta take it pile.

And how long we’ve had the long sleeve Insect Shield shirt, for example, and the convertible pants/shorts Nio Amphi.™

Which is a tribute to the durability/washable/practicality of Ex Officio’s adventure clothing…but probably doesn’t feed their bottom line.
And of note----
Over the seasons, the style and fabrics have evolved in a MAJOR way.


For Fall 2010, Ex Officio focuses on the “Adventure” for on the go anywhere, any weather garments in four “LAYERING SOLUTIONS” ----and a group of shirts tabbed TRAILING OFF™ PLAID.

The first theme--- defined by the über fabric breakthroughs of late ---belongs to the water resistant Storm Logic™ group of outerwear. 

Utilizing PrimalLoft® One for lightweight insulation that’s lighter and absorbs significantly less water than the competition...these selections also have the DETAILS...i.e. plenty of inner zipped pockets.

PLUS: Handily ‘packaged’ with a built in stuff sack that converts to a travel pillow, Storm Logic® ($120-$150) jackets and vests for guys and gals manage to be 24% warmer than other down fabrics too…without the bulk.

Wind Logic™ pieces ($95-$149) are made from Polartec® Wind Pro® that is 4x more wind resistant than traditional fleece--- but is as super soft comfy, toasty warm, lightweight, and machine washable as that textile.

Ex Officio turns out a men’s hoody and vest, and a nicely contoured shaped jacket and vest for women in this category.

We never needed a textile for everyday living--- more than one that is truly waterproof and breathable, two characteristics that belong to the Rain Logic™ jackets ($199)…that are fully seamed 2.5 layer fabric treated with DWR, and made with mechanical stretch too.

Versatility is the adjective belonging to the Venture Wool™ collection ($119-$129)…made from an innovative blend of Primaloft® fibers and naturally warm/ moisture wicking, Merino Wool.

The crews, ¼ zip sweaters and accessories are made for travel (they are actually thin, not bulky) so they would certainly would be clothing staples for tame tasks too. The performance is its real selling point...as the garments keep the wearer dry but not yechy sticky thanks to the amazing wicking properties.

Ex Officio delivers the plaid theme that rules for Fall 2010 via a unique hollow yarn that “uses the design principle of a feather quill to preserve air.”

Meaning, the functional long sleeve shirts, cut for a typical men’s casual outing, feel like cotton--- but is quick dry polyester that’s much warmer. Guys can actually wear these hiking just as easily as under a blazer. Plus the shirts are warm when wet…unlike cotton.

Under the Destinations umbrella, there are several new cuts like the men’s Trifecta™ Thatch (solid), Plaid and Striped long sleeve button downs…all wrinkle resistant, quick drying and lightweight…easy wear anywhere pieces.

The female equivalent of the above, the Trifera™ come in trendy plaids as well as a polished stripe and fun floral patterns.


The New VONA collection (M, W) made from a proprietary blend (nylon, soy, wool) of soft chenille-like material…but very warm. Eco friendly too, the cardigan with an elegant draped collar shawl---comes in Aegean blue. We await an ankle length version ---they’re that yummy!

INFO: Most styles start shipping in July 2010…