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Words, Tradeshow Images Judith Ecochard
Product Images Courtesy of 180s

As the world gears up for the massive World Cup Tournament in South Africa…except most American sportsters who root for their fav NFL, NHL or college team…

180s ear warmers are going to keep those buzzin’ football fans… warm.

Initially, we got very distracted as the company makes the no doubt, massive selling ear warmers for many of the major English Premier League (Chelsea, Man U) and Championship teams (our fav Barça)…

(gloves too)

But we regrouped--- for the rest of 180s huge assortment--- on display at the Outdoor Retailer Tradeshow.

Like the enormous assortment of ear warmers with a patented design-- a back band that adjusts for warmth, comfort, and head sizes. Bonus---they fold up small…

Some top styles:

                                                       (super soft cashmere wool)

Collapsible earmuffs for runners.

REAL down ear warmers in a stitched quilted pattern--- available in eight vibrant colors,

The Urban…a  soft shell wind resistant, layered (100% Polyester Thermolite® Active insulation) model for warmth---and a nice eco touch, lined with recycled fleece,

For men…the Metro, a soft faux suede...

An all knit cashmere model (Luxe), in black and charcoal…

And a stylish herringbonewool and boiled wool--- woven styles.

Amazingly, the Exolite® Acoustic™ is an ultra light, fleece lined earwarmers---with the patented behind the head design that boasts a sleek exoskeleton frame and rotating acoustic foam ear pieces that are washable/removeable. Very toasty too,  with Primaloft® insulation. Naturally, they can be worn on their own…and under helmets.


Next we took in the technology that goes into 180's gloves...

For starters, we got schooled on the Exhale Heating System™ …a unique controllable warm way to keep fingers warm via a “sub-contained bladder” that allows wearers to inject a quick blast of hot air into the glove, without removing them. This patented technology is found in sports and everyday gloves by 180s…included the Men’s Classic leather style and the stretch rib weather resistant Commuter.

The big deal for us---is the Tectouch™ that’s on the index and/or thumb finger, allowing wearers to tap away on their pdas without removing their gloves. This genius design is available in 25 styles…including

… the elegant Buckle for women…a faux suede gloves with a stylish wrist buckle and an adjustable faux shearling cuff (with matching earmuffs).

…the Iris a laser etched leather glove (with matching ear muffs…

And ---our top pick is the Audrey, an extended leather gauntlet, cahmere wool lined,  that comes in aqua sea, black, and brown sugar.

For men…the Tectouch™ appears in models…including the Urban, a softshell winter glove…and the aforementioned Classic and Commuter.

Unisex versions go all high tech/Tectouch™ in the running gloves that we figure might be used to operate all those computer worthy watches that measure heart rates etc…

In this group, we saw the warm and wind/water resistant (via a retractable, tuck away hood) CRG-Ultralite Convertible Running Glove and a breathable, full mesh palm and a terry cloth back to wipe away sweat.... plus other details like low-light reflective piping for visibility.

A slightly heavier version, the mid-weight CTG-Ultralite Convertible Training Glove---has a fleece palm and back of hand for added warmth.

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