Monday, March 1, 2010


547 West 27th Street, NYC

New York Fashion Week

Words, Images Judith Ecochard

The incremental weather on the day of THE VESSEL, by Lois RTW show kept a lot of people away…but we hope that they take the time to see the collection by model/author designer Lois Samuels --and what she has for F/W 2010.


18 looks, some adorning famous models/actresses like pals Irina Pantaeva and Coco Mitchell.

Given the Spring collection…and now this one, a definite ‘editorial’ view of clean, somewhat austere silhouettes, precise  Menswear style tailoring, and quality fabrics like warm cashmere, charmeuse, and weather thick wools--- are characteristic of this label.

Our favorite look is a sophisticated forever charcoal wool square tail dress with a three button charcoal coat---

Other strong separates were the coats…like a double faced Camel jacket, 

===a bold royal purple cape that protectively closed at the top for a high, protective collar, and a white pleated tail jacket with a matching skirt (pictured above)…

We think knee-length dressy shorts are tough to pull off unless one is tall/thin……but The Vessel, by Lois has some of the best we have with a matching vest. 

A Black/Grey Glen Plaid peaked shoulder jacket lends a 'we mean business" vibe to school-boy chic.

There were nice trousers too…

The Apron/bib theme…carry over design elements from the Spring Collection=== are seen here.

Given the linearity of the line ("Puritan")…and lack of frou-frou, we think this collection can appeal to real women of many ages…