Monday, March 8, 2010

UNITED BAMBOO: Fall/Winter 2010

Altman Building, West 18th Street. NYC

Words, Images Judith Ecochard /

Though thirties inspired collections aren’t novel…”getting” the glam elegance of the more adventuresome side of that decade …and making it wearable and modern is tough. 

Thuy Pham and Mike Ankh ‘s United Bamboo Fall 2010 RTW collection referenced that decade’s globe trotting gals’ (Amelia Earhart)—and gave us attire that is polished perfection personified.

And since we still wear a silk gold United Bamboo skirt we got about five years ago, we think this outing will easily fall into that timeless classic MO.

We saw stunning tailored skirt suits, skirts made from silk with female curves defined by bows, draped dresses 

Chic black overcoats that like menswear, can go over everything --- paired with opera/bracelet length, leather gloves,

Silk blouses, (including this ornate fabric blouse)... with dipped necklines revealing just enough…

Comes with a matching jacket.

---And Art Deco designs…as in this top…that was shown under this white cape/jacket.

Backstage, we also go an eyeful of how much work and how many hands were needed to achieve the makeup (Dick Page-Shiseido) and hair (Hirofumi Kera-Shiseido).

We saw a lot of models getting their brows darkened because “so many gals come in with bleached brows,” Page told us.

For the Geisha color, Page used Lippencil BR607---a dark limited edition pencil available in November.

We loved how the red lips picked up on the lush, warm colors of the fabrics…

The hair was crimped and pulled apart…and it’s their real hair!